Replace CD player with Streamer

When the drawer does open , does it play CDs ok?
If so, i would ping open the case and check the drawer belt and associated toothed cogs.
Probably worn or stretched.
Its a great player, easy fix if belt.
Re streamer, dip your toe in the water and get a Bluesound Node.


Just had a look on a well-known auction site, and found some CD37 for sale, two of them with problems. Transport faults, looks like it’s Achilles heel.

I think to say it’s the models achilles heel is unfair. Two on Ebay have transport faults.Hardly a damning statistic.
My point is you have a very nice quality CD player that deserves a bit of investigation before killing it off.
Have you looked inside? Please take usual precautions.

I agree, I expect the drive would be the first thing to go on most CD players. But that doesn’t change the fact I have a fault with mine, only intermittent at present. I had a look but can’t see anything, so in maybe main board/component problem.
I would send it to Arcam but they would only replace the drive, no other repairs taken on.

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Once the CD is loaded the unit plays without fault.

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How about a streamer with built in DAC; and a cheap as chips DVD player for a transport - it’ll work just fine and give you the further option to stream online if the notion takes you.

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You would also get the benefit of system quality sound for your DVD’s, music or otherwise - not to be sniffed at.

The artwork on a CD jewel case is pretty good these days, but on an LP it could almost be a work of art!
Some like physical media: others are just not worried about that aspect.
Each to their own.

All I’m looking at is a possible replacement for the CD37, not really worried about streaming from the web, I have a Sonos and a Panasonic 4k Blu ray at present. If it’s going to be replaced, I would not buy another CD player, but choose a network player using a NAS with my collection ripped to it.

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After looking into steamers, DAC’s and NAS playback I realise I’m confused on the best way forward. If I replace my CD player, I won’t replace it with another, but if I only want to listen to my collection from a NAS could I just use a DAC or do I need a streamer to sort and control what I’m listening too.
Some have just a steamer, others have streamer/DAC. The best thing about the Arcam CD37 was its DAC, it’s a shame it didn’t have a digital input, it would have made life so much easier.

300 quid to replace the transport and get possibly 10 more years joy out of your CD player ? No brainer for me.

Moving on to streaming will be infinitely more expensive.

In 10 years time, move on to streaming maybe, when the technology is even more advanced than now !

Simple. :grinning:

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Yeah, but it will still be a CD player. If the OP doesn’t feel like spending money and learning about streamers he should stick with his CD player. Otherwise it’s time to do research and prepare to spend some $$ on a streamer and NAS.

Nothing wrong with that. Some people, I know it’s difficult for some to grasp, don’t need streaming…

You don’t need hifi either but here you are. The OP is clearly contemplating a different path so he should hear about all the options. Which is not hard to grasp if your read the OP.

The OP is also umming and arring about spending 300 quid on a new transport - his main concern. And because of the cost, whether he should consider streaming. I explain to him that it’s money well spent, from a financial side.

Saying it will ‘still be a CD player’ is rather demeaning to CD. Nowt wrong with CD. Not everyone needs streaming.

CD players are pretty limited compared to streaming wrt access to music and SQ. CD players are inanimate objects so I don’t get your demeaning comment. Perhaps you’re referring to your opinion. Maybe the OP doesn’t want to spend 300 quid on old limited tech. And I don’t blame him.

I see you are a streamer fan. That’s fine.

OK, if you believe so… :roll_eyes:

Oh, by the way… Merriam Webster Dictionary :

Definition of demeaning

: damaging or lowering the character, status, or reputation of someone or something

Best not to question someone’s English. Especially when they are an English teacher.


Perfectly said… and probably both.

Awesome, well the CD player should enjoy its demeaned status to streaming.

I bought a Naim streamer and spent some effort tweaking my network and I have better SQ than my previous Naim CD players for less money.