Replace CDX2 to NDX2

Good morning world,
I own 252DR/250DR. Most probably I’ll finally move to 300DR but at the moment I’m evaluating to improve my source first replacing my CDX2.2 (+XPSDR) with NDX2. I already ripped all my 2000 CDs, I’m using also a Bluesound Node 2 to play Qobuz HiRes. Speakers are Kudos 606.
I’m very pleased with my CDX2.2, Bluesound cannot really compete with it. Is the NDX2 (+XPSDR) a real step forward to replace CDX2.2 and Bluesound? I’m interested first to the Sound quality compared to my faithful CDX2.2.
I would not regret to sell my CD player.

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Clearly the answer hear is to borrow a ndx2 and try it in your own house with your own network. But you know that.
Reality is, cd players can be made redundant now. If you have already ripped your collection via decent software as FLAC to a NAS, then you just need a decent streamer. As you already have an xpsdr, the right answer is a ndx2. It will do everything the cdx2 does and a whole lot more. You are unlikely to want to play a cd again. ( Says the bloke that bought a cd5xs and plays cds via spdif into his ndx2!).
As you already have a nac252, then a ndx2 is a great partner. Others will be alone and tell you to try a nd555 / 555psu. But that is a £20k jump rather than £5k. And it’s not 4 times better. To soften the blow, sell the cdx2.


Having owned an original CDX2 and not especially been a fan of the later edition I am somewhat more circumspect. I’ve auditioned the NDX2 three times and each time it fell short of my CDX2. It has the modern Naim sound signature so if you like the sound of your CDX2.2 you will broadly recognise the NDX2 but you may, like me, find that it’s neither as engaging overall nor especially good value for money.

Whilst the screen is nice it’s not essential and given that you have a NAS and only need a streamer then you need to question the amounts of money involved. In particular your Bluesound can be considerably improved by a change of DAC, network switches etc. which may also improve your CDP.

Your choices at this point are a tad more complex than a Naim forum may wish to acknowledge.


Well hard to say , not because of the quality of the streamer but the network.
And it’s not cheap and straightforward to be dealt with.

…better lps’s etc. translates into lots of money.

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Thank you guys for all your replies. The concern in the change is due also to all items relevant to better switch, better NAS, better software, better LAN cables and Network topology compared to the already optimized CDX2 I already own. I would not be let down from NDX2 without its optimization.

@damy79 hi,

What’s the evidence? Are you listening to your streamed music more such that the CDX2 as great as it is becoming redundant? If so I would guess a NDX2 makes sense.



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Hi LindsayM,
actually I still play my CDs more than streaming but it’s a pity continue to listen all new music on Qobuz HiRes and also old album reissued in HiRes with the Bluesound, I know that I can listen better.

In my experience it is entirely unnecessary to jump down the rabbit hole of network tweaks to get the NDX2 working well and sounding good. I do think it benefits a great deal from either a power supply upgrade (you already have an XPS?) or a DAC upgrade.

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Make sure your internal network is suitable and give the ndx2 a go.
I was not sure about Spotify, Tidal et Al, so bought a Cambridge streamer to try the concept. Qobuz doing hi res streaming was a game changer for me. Sold the Cambridge ( lost £50? Over 1l4 months use) and went naim. Originally nd5xs2, then the move to ndx2. It even forced me to re rip my cds properly.
It’s not for everyone. The whole subscription thing takes a bit of getting around. That is the way the world is going. Physical media is very last century. And it takes up space.


Of course there are many companies making streamers and transitioning from CD to streaming does make sense based on the opening post. You could audition a number.
Or just get the NDX2 and stay with Naim.

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Does the Node 2 have digital out?
If so, how about nDAC with the XPS DR?
Ought to improve both the CDX2.2 and the Node 2.


Yes, it has but I read that NDAC is very sensitive to the quality of the transport!

CDX2.2 into nDAC will be more than fine. If you do not need network streaming, and all the paraphernalia that comes with it, this will be at least as good as an NDX2.

All subject to personal preference of course. I had the original CDX2 not long after it first came out. I thought it was a great music maker. Very immediate and communicative, more so, I thought, than the CDS2 (head unit) which I traded in against a new CDX2. The CDS2 might have sounded a bit more relaxed and refined, the CDX2 a bit more unruly, but the CDX2 just boogied that bit more. I eventually succumbed and bought a CDS3, hoping to get the best of both worlds, and it was good, but perhaps a bit soporific. So what I’m trying to say is, there are no guarantees with any of these “upgrades”, Tread carefully.


This is my story with Naim streamers and CD players:

My first Naim source was a CD5Si which sounded pretty good with a Nait 5Si.
I then bought an ND5XS and a while later added an upgraded DAC. Sold the CD5Si as it paled in comparison.
Then I bought a CDS2 with XPS which sounded so much better than the ND5XS with external DAC. An NDS with 555PS then came my way and I ripped all my CDs to NAS. The CDS2 with XPS was sold to finance the NDS 555PS. I thought the NDS vs CDS2 was different and not necessarily better.

Later down the line I bought a CDS3 with XPS2 which I had serviced.

My preference overall is slightly towards the NDS because of flexibility and am using it with the better power supply, but the CDS3 is just lovely.

I missed CDs when I went streamer only. And the differences in sound are there. The CDS3 and NDS both have their individual qualities.

If you can have both then that is a good place to be. If you can’t then the streamer will overall win because of the flexibility.

Sometimes it’s a head vs heart decision. No doubt the head will say NDX2 and the heart will say keep both.

I still regret selling my CDS2 with XPS. One of the only bits of hifi I can say I truly miss.

Make your decision carefully and look at finances. By all accounts the CDX2.2 will sound slightly better than the NDX2.



I tried the NDAC with the Node2i. I didn’t get the improvement I expected. Feel free to read

(Node 2i with Naim DAC upgrade - less of an improvement?).

In view of the experience my take on it is that you probably should go for a better streamer/DAC like the NDX2, rather than to hope for the Node2i to match the quality of the CDX2.2 by adding the NDAC. (Please note that I have not heard the CDX2.2, only my own CD5x) Or at least, if possible, try the NDAC before purchase. If you plan to also use the NDAC for future streamers or even the CD anyway, it seems to be a nice product to invest in, as you can connect many devices, and a lot of people report they like it and find improvements in sound charachter and quality with Naim gear quite a bit up the ladder.



I have toyed with this conundrum for the past 8 years, ever since adding a little UnitiQute into our system…sound comparisons aside (albeit not being equal as NDX2 would be more equivalent to the CDX2 as opposed to the Qute) the convenience of accessing all our music at the touch of a (sometime frustrating) button, the app drives me nuts sometimes, plus internet radio (I don’t have any subs services) there is still something magical and cool about popping that puck on a silver disc!

I guess this is the CD generation equivalent of the vinyl thing - compared to streaming…

Is it silly, a physical media and different interaction experience, when all that should matter is the sound…I still feel I would regret parting with my CDX2.

Good luck in your search.


Thank you arf005 for your feedback. I have the same feeling, I’m interested only to the SQ but I’m still linked to the phisycal experience to load the CD inside the drawer. From the SQ point of view the files loaded on a NDX2 surely reach the same level or higher than CDX2.
Best option may be to sell the Bluesound and buy a very good deal NDX2, live for a while with CDX2 and NDX2 and decide in relax what is my cup of tea!


Parted with mine. I loved it but I’m still waiting for that pang.

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Hi Mike, if I well understood you are fully happy about the change right? If the sound quality is the same or higher I think also that in a few time a good streamer with a very good App may help to forget a CD player but…

I have not listened to this much music for years. I can’t really say more than that.

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