Replaced old UnitiQute with Atom

My old UnityQute v1 has been suffering from the well known display fade issue, worked fine other than that. Faced with £400ish to fix the display and a period of downtime I decided to replace the whole box with an Atom. Wasn’t expecting much improvment in the SQ but hell it’s Christmas. So I have just finished setting up the new Atom, took me about an hour all told. I am delighted to say that the SQ is significantly better than my old Qute, so that’s a bonus. And what a lovely unit the Atom is, feels like it’s hewed out of solid Titanium! It’s really giving my Spendor SP1/2s a workout. More listening to do over the Christmas period I feel! Oh and the HDMI input is a bonus. Now, is there a market for a Qute that really needs a new display?


I have several ‘Qutes, one of which has a dodgy screen. However, these ‘Qutes are stacked out of the way and I use the Naim a NDS Roon apps to control them. Thus, I’m in no hurry to replace them. But I am glad to hear of the improvement in SQ - something to look forward to when the ‘Qutes eventually die.

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Old unitiqutes never die, they just fade away


I went from UnitiLite to Atom and am more than happy with the latter. I elected to replace the CD drive and screen in the UnitiLite and I’m now trying to sell it. So far offers have been so poor that I might well set on it as a spare just in case the Atom needs a service!

-or simply, don’t die:
i will transform my UQ2 in a relic, to become a piece with collection status, post 25y.o.


I have long considered what mode to leave my UQ1 in, before the final fade.

I have been doing some more listening. It’s so hard to put into words the differences in the SQ to that of the UQute (which was great anyway) but the most obvious diffrence is that the sound is ‘richer’ and there is a sense of effortlessness (if that’s a word) and defininitely more ‘slam’. All in all I love it!


In many ways it makes sense to keep it or use in another room, especially if you can’t recover your repair costs.

I have a lite with sticky draw (I know about the rubber bands) and couldn’t sell it like that so will keep when I upgrade.

Good luck.

Exactly - for me I’d better work out the repair cost! A certain site as tried to give me 500.00 which means that I would have made so little over the retain cost - even more of a reason for keeping it methinks.

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I gave my uq to my nephew as a pressie (along with my ancient 1985 mission 70 speakers - my first ever speakers) recently and he is loving it


Make the most of the ‘display off’ function as much as possible. I really liked my Qute when I had it. Great bit of kit.

My UQ2 is getting on for 7 years. When I moved in September, the screen was bright and even.

After 3 months powered off in a cold room, the first power on has suddenly revealed a few dead pixels and a darker splash over half the ones that work.

Nevertheless, I love it. Shoebox form factor rules. As my network config is pretty static, not even changing during moves, I figure I’ll let the screen die and get it resolved when it’s due for recapping in 2025.

Glad you’re loving the Atom.


The Atom is simply superb at its price point and in such a great from factor - enjoy!


If your Qute doesn’t have the 192k streaming boards, it may be worth sending it in for this conversion - the screen would be replaced as part of the work and it’s cheaper than the straight screen replacement (or was!). This would definitely make it easier to move on (as is adds Tidal functionality too) but whether it would repay the cost of the upgrade is another thing,


I had a conversation with a dealer who thought that with faded screen my UQ was worth £300-£325. The fixed value was less than that plus the cost of the fix

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I sold my unitilite “last Christmas” ( think that a song ) for an atom … and changed my dynaudio audiences for some PMC 21.s it’s a remarkable difference as it shd be for a 4K outlay … but I think as I’m getting older my hearing getting worse so in time I’ll
have to upgrade again :slightly_smiling_face: merry Xmas

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This is a really helpful discussion as I have the same problem. I am firtunate that my 'Qute is the secondary system, but actually (since some extension work) in a bigger room than my NDX/ NAP 250 based system. So I have my now completely blank displayed Qute playing into PMC DB1s, which I like and they fit the general layout. The Qute was upgraded from its original spec to do higher resolution streaming and multiroom. However it is probably a little pressed in the size of room and neither Tidal nor spotify are very good at classical music (I can get Qobuz via the mconnect app, but not primephonic).

So you can see I’d like an upgrade. Preferred budget somewhere in the range 0 to zero. The Atom has a bit more power that the old Qute, but is it enough? Should I try and head up towards a Nova or Star (and are those two the same apart from CD drive?)



I believe that the Nova has a slightly more powerful amp than the Star but of course the Star has the CD player. I haven’t picked up a physical CD in years though we have hundreds of the things in the bookcase, somehow streaming is just easier and quality is acceptable to us. Really not sure if the Nova is worth ~£2,000 more than the Atom but neither fits in very well with your preference for Zero cost! There are going to be hundreds of these faded Qutes around, maybe somebody will come up with an effective display replacement at a reasonable cost. Let’s hope!

Agree with all you say - and your very positive comments about the Atom encourage me!

I am about to plug in an atom acquired to replace an ndx/sn3 that went to help finance the upgrades in the main system - but which had replaced the uq I gave to my nephew. If I remember I will post my thoughts in due course

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