Replacement 272 - Plea for shortened Burndy?

Dear Naim, many on here waiting for the release of the 272 replacement. Ahead of its release on the world can I make a plea for a shortened burndy option that doesn’t trail on the floor in a single stack Fraim configuration (rather than a full length burndy designed to span two Fraim stacks) to cater for us aficionados who are looking to get the best of Naim whilst at the same time wanting to downsize to a single Fraim stack that doesn’t take over the living room and is easier to get wife approval. With the current resurgence of vinyl, a single Fraim stack that houses TT/TTPS/Phono Stage/272(MK2)/272PS/250 (i.e. a single Fraim stack of six levels) coupled with a half length 272 to 272PS burgundy that doesn’t trail on the floor or touch the wall (and one would assume thus improves sonic characteristics) would constitute a much appreciated design consideration ahead of the 272 release. Thank you.

Just loop it. Job done.


Yes, just gently loop it. IIRC the Burndy length is as it is for good performance and practicality reasons, so don’t expect a shorter one to appear any time soon.

Shall we bet what will arrive first: a shorter Burndy or a 272 (mk2)?

For both infinity.

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Both seem incredibly unlikely to ever appear. A short burndy, given the stiffness, puts a lot of strain on the socket. And the 272? You don’t discontinue a product without a new one ready to ship out the door. You just don’t. I assume everything discontinued without an immediate replacement to be a dead product line.

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You might - if component logistics for the existing unit got to an unacceptable level (where it was impossible to build more) - and the replacement product simply wasn’t yet ready.

We have pretty much been told that there is a new streaming preamp waiting in the wings, though by the time it appears we may be onto the NDX3.

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I shove the spare length of cables under my rack. :smiling_imp:

I’ll get my coat!

Wasn’t this before the release of the Atom HE ?

It will be a completely different product to the Atom HE, and the Nova for that matter…

In what way?

Do you have inside information? Or was there something announced by Naim I’ve missed?

How do we know the product hinted at wasn’t in fact the Atom HE, which is a streamer / pre amp.

Curious to know if there’s more information as it is something I might potentially be interested in, I’m just not holding my breath for it. My gut feeling is aligned with @feeling_zen’s

It is not the HE. Clare from Naim was still talking about it in the HE thread from memory. I am sure it will come, in time.


Claire told us that after the Atom HE was released, and told us that the future new streaming preamp is something other than the Atom HE.

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I don’t think you can have years go by between a product being discontinued and it being “replaced”.

The 272 was axed before all the current global upheaval started anyway.

That Naim are working on new products in both streaming and amplification, I have no doubt. That it will be a 272 replacement in the context of an existing Classic range? I doubt that very much.

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I doubt we’ll see any new classic boxed projects now… they’ve had a pretty good run 20 years is. Along time to run a product range… my gut feeling is any future Naim streaming products will be a Naim version of the Linn DSM stuff…

IMO they had to put it EOL due to its technical limitations on keeping it up to date. It was at the end old when you bought it new.

Then there is of course trust. If you’ve been down the 272/555DR rabbit hole - why should I go there again?

Maybe they are going to try doing a DSM - a digital preamp with streamer, dac and room correction. But that is a lot of software to write. A make it sound like a Naim.

No inside information, just piecing together comments from the forum, some creative license and my own judgement on where Naim need to go next…:wink:

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