Replacement 272 - Plea for shortened Burndy?

….in other words I have no idea :blush:I have to say though, It’s obvious what’s coming, you just have to look at what’s missing in terms of direction, functionality and styling. The question is when?

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I would guess, announced before Christmas (to make sure you don’t spend your Christmas pennies on competitors products) and on sale in January (to catch the annual price rise)…:+1:

I would happily accept any length of Burndy Cable or another form of interconnect between 272 replacement and power supply. And if I could have one at home in time for my next birthday that would be even better. Would be the perfect gift for me, from me.

Doesn’t it affect sound quality stressing the cable by looping it (and by it touching any surfaces)?

You can usually manage to make a loop without applying too much stress - the main issue is avoiding stress at the connector ends.

I suppose the question is… why did naim design such a fussy cable :wink:


They didn’t. It’s made by Burndy as the name suggests. Naim just terminate it to configuration.

The length allows power supplies on a rack on the right to gracefull reach items on a rack on the left.

Which is fine unless you want a single stack system in which case…thread title.

Burndy is the maker of the connectors, I believe.


I have a single rack. My Burndy is neither looped nor touches the floor.

Because they foresaw the internet and subsequent development of the forum. Without all the numerous threads about Burndy cables and dressing them and box stacking order, the forum would likely have withered away in the early years. Now I suspect they are delaying the 272 replacement because they know all of us waiting for it … … … …

will visit regularly and keep the forum alive and kicking :smile: :wink:


I never knew what “Burndy” referred to! It’s now owned by the Hubbell Co. but they’ve retained the brand name.

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