Replacement Bluesound node 2

Hello everyone, maybe someone has a recommendation for me. This is my system:
Bluesound node2
Supernait 2 with HicapDR
Blues line rock
Technics 1200g turntable
Roon system
Now the node is broken (red light death…) and I’m considering what the best replacement is:
Var1: ND5XS2
Var2: NDX2
Var3: streamers like lumin u2 mini with my Ndac
Var4: ???
I would be very happy about your suggestions.
Many greetings

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Obviously the Naim streamers are a well known quantity. I am now using Auralic and any of their streamers match well with Naim amplification.

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Many will ask what your budget is.

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Hi Mattes
My choice from Naim would be an ND5XS2 as a transport into your NDAC. Simple.


My brother has Lumin U2 mini and says its great going through Accuphase CD player/ DAC.

Obviously Naim streamers will work well, but you’re paying a premium.

Auralic look very good and are upgradeable with clock processor as per @bruss’s system.

What’s the budget?

NDX2 (7000 Euros)
But Im not sure, if the high price is it worth. (compare with a new lumin and my old ndac)

For me an NDAC beats an NDX2. In order to do so it must be properly set up, in good condition, and have a good quality digital transport in front of it.


Primare NP5 with MCRU power supply.

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Zen Stream.

If you liked the BluOS App with the Node 2 then a good upgrade would be a NAD C658, I had one of these for 3 years running into SN2/HiCap DR and it was really good, especially using full frequency Dirac Room Sound Correction.
Upgraded to SN3 and then Lumin P1 Streamer but so impressed with C658 i kept it in my second system with my SN2.


I use only the roon system. I think, I need only a roon-ready transport for my old ndac.
I have been satisfied with the node so far, but now I am very disappointed that the power supply is dead after 4 years.

In that case I would go for a Lumin U2 Mini

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Second hand PSU for the nDAC and ND5XS2 keeps you in the naim family if you have 7000 euros available.

The Lumin u2 mini is well reviewed and we did consider it against an ND5XS2 at one point but we ended up going in a different direction.

Thanks for the good suggestions. At the moment my thoughts are going towards ND5XS2. I just like the green logos :slight_smile:

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Yes indeed. I would potentially look at an ND5XS2 and use my NDS with 555PS as a DAC. That would give me the lastest streaming platform. I like the Naim logos too!

If you like the BluOs system, (I do), I would consider an alternative/better DAC, (there are lots to be found) and feed it with a digital signal from the Node 2i and use the analogue output of the new DAC to feed your integrated amplifier.

I have tried the Node 2i DAC into my system and it works fine but from my experience the Node 2i inbuilt DAC or possibly the DSP are a weakness of the unit.

Hello, I have now decided on the ND5 XS2. The sound is really very good. Unfortunately, I can’t control the volume with the Naim app or with Roon. It is clear to me that this regulation cannot be optimal for the sound. However, it is important for me to be able to control the volume from my cell phone or tablet. Following situation:

  • ND XS2 digital output with coax cable to Naim NDAC input
  • Roon on NUC Cirrus
    Settings in APP:
  • Volume mode: variable
  • Automation: Off
    The slider is also visible and clickable in the Naim app and Roon, but has no effect.
    I’m happy about every hint what I have to change to make it work. Many Thanks.

You can enable system automation which allows the streamer and the Naim app to access the volume control of your Supernait. An extra cable is required to link streamer and amp.
Thus gives +/- volume buttons on the app, but Roon cannot access it.

It seems, that volume control with the app only works when I use the analog output of the nd5. However, I have noticed that the SQ from the ND5 DAC not so good as my old NDAC. Now I have to decide, whether ease of use (volume control via app) is more important to me than the SQ. At the moment I’m leaning towards returning the ND5 and getting a different streamer for the NDAC (maybe the Lumin U2 mini all?). Too bad it doesn’t work with the ND5.

If you set up system automation you will have volume control in the Naim app. You can still use this with the NDAC. It’s not as slick as the slider control, but it works. That’s the price you pay for having analogue volume control in the preamp, which Naim prefer for best sound quality.