Replacement for 82 MM setup?

Dear Naim friends……I trust everyone had a fabulous Christmas and I wish you all a very happy, safe, fun & prosperous 2023.

Quick question. What would be the equivalent rsetup eplacement for an 82 with MM boards, would that be a 282 with a Stageline, and would a separate PSU e.g. HC be required? It’s a new for old replacement and I wonder what my be a suitable/appropriate solution considering the previous setup or even something else like e Rega Aria 3?

Any help, views, opinions or experiences very much appreciated, thank you.


Yes and yes. The Stageline N is the MM version.

But… Why…? The 82 is still great… :thinking:

82 is definitely great just looking at the replacement options……I think you can run the Stageline off the back of the 282 but I am looking at what is comparable setup in todays world……

Ah… yes, seems that you can… From Aux2.

Yes the ‘aux2 & pwr’ socket……

It’s ‘the curse of the new’, Ian. I think that it runs along the lines that ‘it’s newer, so it must be better’.

On the other hand, I would never part with/change/trade in/trade up any of my stuff, most of which is over 30 years old.

And, if photos that I have seen are anything to go by, the innards of the NAC282 are no better than those of the NAC82 - less hand-built (perhaps), more ICs (yes), cheaper to build (probably) - but not better.


Not trading up or upgrading and certainly not through choice tbh….just circumstances thats all.

Sorry, I don’t mean to intrude, Apologies!

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No need o apologise Graham! I love all my old kit and the ‘retroness’…… I keep all my old kit e.g. Saras (refurbished by Wimslow Audio) s, 32.5, hicaps both CB and OB all serviced……one of the many benefits of naim is their longevity and the fact you can keep servicing them……new is not better just maybe different……I’m a bit old school……I like what I like!

I’m nostalgic as well and have kept many of my old Naim boxes-they do still sound good! Not a fan of the Naim phono boards in this day and age where significant gains can be had with relatively inexpensive outboard phono stage. Imho, keep the 82 and try the Rega phono stage running through an unused line input on your pre- tuner is a popular choice. I suspect you will appreciate the upgrade and will have a significant uptick in SQ without spending a lot of cash…

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I was thinking over the last few posts here, and I realise that I have never sold any of the Naim equipment that I have ever bought.

One of the few audio things that I did sell (and still now bitterly regret selling) was one of the very first Japanese-built Black Ittoks, which I bought from Howard Popeck’s Subjective Audio in Camden High Street longer ago now than I care to remember. It was such a beautifully built instrument - form certainly followed function with the Ittok.

Ah well, we all make mistakes - as the hedgehog said to himself, climbing off the hairbrush.

Sorry for rambling here, diverting the thread!

So you like old Naim gear and want to replace your 82. Surely the answer has to be a 52?

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