Replacement for my Tablette 10s

I have run a pair of Proac Tablette 10 speakers for nearly three years now and never been entirely satisfied with them. Getting them to the right sort of position to get the best from them has taken ages with numerous tweaks before I felt I had got that. But I realise I still have the same issue with them, they are l a bit light weight. Treble is good but bass is lacking, not a surprise really in such a small speaker.

Reluctantly I am going to change them, I have discounted subwoofers so it has to be some other speakers. My room is approximately10ft wide by 18ft long and I listen across the narrow width of the room. The speakers are slightly over 5ft apart, measured between the centres of the bass speakers and 6 inches from the wall with a little toe in, currently mounted on Hi Fi racks stands. The only criteria is that new speakers have to be close in to the rear wall, like the Tab 10. I am not going to consider floor standers, nor any stand mounted speaker that is more than 25 cm deep. A limiting factor is that I must have an oak finish.

I would welcome any suggestions to then consider contacting dealers for demos etc.

Hi @Charles. These questions are always interesting. Could you let us know the rest of your system to help with suggestions?

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If you like the ProAc signature sound, try to make an audition with the Response D2R


Yes I use an XS2 with non Naim cd player.

I had thought of that and a picture of them posted elsewhere on this site is very appealing but they are from memory deeper than I want. Thanks anyway.

didnt remind the measure limitation, sorry.
However i think its 9.75" deep (25cm)

Yes they are a little deeper but not by much more. They are front ported so you can get a little closer to the back wall. They are not lacking in LF/Bass in my humble opinion. Best to try them in person…

I don’t know the differences between the Tab 10 and Sigs but maybe that’s an option as well.

Neat Iota Alpha’s would be worth a listen, different approach that ignores your wish to avoid floor standers, however, will sit close to the rear wall and won’t take up much more room than a stand mount.

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Neat Ministra – but they are probably slightly deeper than 25cm. Not sure if you get much more bass if you don’t allow your speakers to become quite a bit bigger than your Tablettes…

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P.S. I wonder whether stronger amplification (read Supernait) might provide the bass the OP seeks…


I think your limiting factor will be the maximum depth of 250mm, not much on the market, even the Proac D2R’s 260mm.

I had Proac Tab 10’s with an Atom in a small space and were great. I moved them to a slightly larger space with a Nova and just couldn’t get any more bass out of them so not sure it is an amp problem. It is just the nature of the Tabs - they are brilliant in the right space but bass will always be limited (although v high quality). I switched to PMC twenty5.21’s which work well with Nova and much more bass. I have them close to rear wall as they are front ported. Other options would be Neat Ministras (as mentioned above), Tab 10 Signatures or Proac DB1’s. Good luck!

PMC’s do come in oak and I have them 20cm from rear wall

I was going to recommend the 25.21’s, nice speakers and great deals just now with the new model being introduced but they are 284mm deep.

If 25cm is a red line then might have to be Tab 10 signatures or some other LS3/5a type speaker

Agree maybe a pair of small Harbeth’s, P3ESR, maybe a solution, have only heard them at dealers, seemed a nice speaker.

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Any more detailed reason to not consider a sub? WAF?

Yep, same thought here - wanting speakers to dig deep and wanting them small are mutually exclusive: something to do with physics!

Personally I never understand some people’s exclusion of floorstanders, as standmounts can effectively occupy the same amount of room space. Different if wall mounting.

To the OP, I don’t think you’ve indicated a budget?
ATC SCM11? Size wise within, no idea if oak, and doesn’t go low. You may be better searching older speakers, as a modern trend has been to get deeper and narrower, presenting a smaller front view in use.

What about the Spendor A1?

I would also consider some Neat Motive SX3s. They will match your XS 2 perfectly and are really entertaining. Plus they sport single wired sockets. Far easier to get right in the connection stakes. Good luck.

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