Replacement for Naim Ovator S-400

Just upgraded from Bartok → Rossini + clock, NACA5 → Super Lumina, and SN2 → 282 + 300DR. Originally I was going for Focal Sopra 3 in orange but the multi month lead time kinda killed my interest. I live about 6,000 miles from civilization so no type of demo of any speaker is even remotely possible. I bought the s-400’s new in 2013 without hearing them but confident because they were Naim and I wanted the full Naim cult experience. It was fun.

As I see it, I have four options: Sopra 3, Proac K6 Signature, Wilson Sabrina X, or Wilson Sasha DAW. The reason I’m considering Wilson is that my nearest neighbor (iirc approximately 86.3 nm NEE of my location) is a Wilson dealer and at least I’m fairly confident they’ll be properly setup in my room.

Is the 300 up to the task of driving the Sasha?

Wow. 6000 miles, that is impressive!

I’d have guessed Tristan da Cuna, but that’s only maybe 3k miles from civilisation, though it depends what you mean by civilisation! Maybe somewhere in Northern Siberia but you don’t count Russia as civilised? (No offence to Russians intended.)

Regardless, can’t your neighbour who happens to be a Wilson dealer demo for you, whether bringing to your place or you taking your amp to their place? Even if 86nM is 2 or 3 times that by whatever means of transport, it’s not far if you are serious enough to think of buying. Speakers make a huge difference to the character of a system’s sound, more so than any other component, with a big risk of not liking, unless known to be similar in sound to the speakers you’re replacing.

If S400 was right for you, what about S600 or S800, if you can find any (of course second hand - but age is irrelevant with speakers ). But maybe it depends why you want to change?


I also own S400 & 600. You can go for Sopra 3 with Sopra 3 with confidence. I demoed Sopra 3 with CDX2/282/S.Cap/300 and i liked them very much. Even aesthetically wise Sopra is a very nice design, pretty much the same shape of Ovators, fit & finish is first class aswell. I’d eventually prefer something from Magico rather than Wilson.

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Former S600 owner now loving my K6 Signatures. Bought them without a demo. One of the best speakers you can buy. Highly recommended.

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I replaced my Naim Ovator S-400 with ProAc D30RS. I enjoy the ProAc speaker line having owned the D2’s and D30RS’s, so I would be choosing the ProAc K6 speakers to pair with 282/300 combination.

…good luck with your decision!

SL2? Hard to find but very good, and very ‘Naim’.


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You have another option- S600 :wink:

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Slightly surprised you have gone for the 282. Great pre though it is, your source really deserves a 252 or 552 IMO…

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Well maybe he should get a job. I bought him a clock, gave him a place to live, and provide unlimited juice. I’m not running “Make A Wish” for disadvantaged hifi components.

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86.3 nm from your Wilson dealer , cosy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


If an ex demo 252 or 552 becomes available under 50% of MSRP then I might consider. Can’t imagine spending $32k USD for a preamp tbh. Won’t have the Rossini for a couple weeks so not sure how significant an upgrade it makes. My feeling is that even now my speakers are the weakest link.

In a couple of months I’ll also have the new Linn Klimax DSM in my system. That should, by all accounts, make a preamp redundant. I’ll then be able to have a top shelf headphone setup in my bedroom and an excellent two channel system while keeping within my budget.

The owner of Pro Musica highly recommended the K6 Signature.

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The Pre will make the biggest difference in my opinion. The jump from Bartok to Rossini+clock is not as big as SN2 to 282/300

I jumped from SN2 to 252/SN2 as power then 252/300dr 1st. After that comes the source from Puccini to Bartok then Bartok + Rossini clock. Kept my Harbeth SHL5 throughout

I think the 252 is a real opener, but perhaps the sequencing of change made me think the pre is the most significant change

A tad closer than the Signals guys😁

If I was you I would try the rossini doing pre amp duties .

The jump from Bartok to rossini and clock, I found to be a significant difference

Whatever you end up with I’m sure you will find it a large upgrade from S400 speakers :shushing_face: S600 are very good and a large upgrade from S400 .Sl2 maybe not for you as you were looking at sopra 3 speakers, I guess you have a large area to play in, unfortunately Sl2 really do better in a smaller room with a hard walls and floor, you know that depressing English cookie cutter flat or a UK house size of an average working family.
I’ve played around with some sopra 2 cds3/linn Lp12 282/250 (all DR) in a large room. Very good speaker on this system if only a little bit boxy sounding, plus the sound stage was a bit “round earth for me” or wide and not as focused as I’m used to with Naim audio. Also the sopra 2 wasn’t as fast as the SL2! In saying that, they do have some/a lot of other qualities over the SL2 speaker like evenly filling every inch of a room and “handling the Jandl” easy speaker to drive etc.
I’ve concluded to myself the 282 is a great party fun preamp but not the refinement of the more expensive Naim preamps and the sopra 2 are also a fun speaker on this system, I see why they call the retail price laugh money put it that way. I’m sure if one was to plug a 552/500 into them it would be a different kettle of fish. Good luck with your search.

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