Replacement for Oppo 103

I posted about infra-red problems in Padded Cell. I think the OPPO needs to be replaced. (see the Padded Cell post)

So, I will need a new Multiregion Bluray player of hopefully equal sonic capabilities. I have region locked bluray discs, so need it to be multiregion for both DVD and Bluray. I will not require an onboard preamp (a la Oppo 105D). Not too bothered about 4K - I’m keeping my Sony TV until it gives up the ghost. :relaxed:

Not bothered about the price. Any suggestions - hopefully one that will support firmware upgrades without losing the multiregion capabilities.

Well, today everything seems to be working again except the Oppo remote is still stuck with the infrared light on. Didn’t do anything to it overnight, but I think I’ll just use the Harmony remote for the Oppo in future, until I see whether I can either get the Oppo remote repaired or find a replacement for it. (sigh)

This may sound daft but I had an Arcam transport a long time ago and the remote did exactly what you are describing. Turned out one of the buttons had become stuck down, partially went under the case. Flipped it out and was back to normal.

Just saying…

Thanks. I’d already done all that. As I have said, it was strange that it happened with 2 remotes (Oppo and Arcam) at the same time. There is no doubt that the Oppo one is not working, and I have left it without batteries. Luckily, I have it programmed into the Harmony remote, so I don’t need to get a new bluray player (yet)

Discovered that there is an app for iphone and android which is an Oppo remote. Works OK with my Oppo 103, with one exception - it won’t switch the oppo off! Still, that means I now have 2 ways of controlling it : Harmony remote, and iPhone app.

Now, if only I could see a way of opening up the Oppo remote … :thinking:

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