Replacement for Proac Studio 140 Speakers

I have a Naim Uniti Core and Nova playing through Proac Studio 140 speakers. I’ve had them a few years and have the itch to change. Appreciating that this is a very difficult question, will say PMC 25 23i speakers be a significant change ? I intend to audition them in the near future and am wondering if I might be on a wild goose chase. I have enjoyed the sound of the Proacs and have a budget of £5k. Any comments or suggestions would be welcome,

all the best

Tim, for that sort of budget and if you like the ProAc sound, then the D30RS must be worth a listen. Far more refined than the 140s in ever way, also great dynamics and sound staging. I went from Studio 140 to D28 to D30RS. The D28 were a bit wayward in the bass and in the wrong room/set up didn’t sound good at all. Very sensitive to room I would say.D30RS are much more controlled than D28s and are a great partner for NAIM, great pace and timing.

Good luck

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