Replacement Remote Control for NAC52

Does anyone know if there is a replacement remote control (for my NAC52), that readily available to be purchased?

Thank you.

@Richard.Dane would be able to advise.

I think early 52s used a unique remote while the later ones can use any Narcom but see what Richard says.

Yes, it depends on whether you have an early NAC52. The earliest 52s used a proprietary RC protocol. Only an original NAC52 remote (slim metal cased type) can operate them.

However, later NAC52s or early ones that had a logic board update can use any RC5 Narcom, R-com, or Flash remote. Do you know how old is your NAC52?

It’s quite old, can’t remember age but the serial number is 95340. Does that help?


1994 it seems.
Four years into production.

That’s really great news. RC5 arrived on the NAC52 with s/n 78817 so your should work with any Naim NARCOM, R-Com, or Flash remote.

Oh great, any Naim NARCOM remote will do ya. Any idea where I can get one of these at a reasonable cost or are there any compatible remotes available in the market?

Again, thank you all.

Plenty on eBay!

You could try asking your Naim dealer.

Will an old unity qute remote work with a 52 pre please?

No. So long as it’s an RC5 NAC52, you’ll need a Narcom, R-Com, or Flash.

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