Replacement screws for Bolt-down Nac-12 & Nap-160


I am lucky enough to have two each of these amazing Naim pre-amps and amps. However, over time the bolt-down screws have suffered. Does anybody know where replacements can be obtained? I’m not very DiY so don’t have exact measures. But the old BD equipment used countersunk threads and short black set-screws - so they were standardised and carefully engineered.


It’s probably best to ask Naim. I don’t know whether the service department still have spares or whether they’re easy to get hold of, but I’d imagine they would know.

Thank you very much Richard. I will telephone Naim tomorrow, and report the outcome to this Thread as it may be useful to others.

Incidentally, I am also making enquiries as to who/how might be able to refurbished the slightly scratched cases on my equipment.

If you should happen to have any information about this, would you care to share it?


I don’t have any specific info on this. The bolt down kit was painted, and shouldn’t be too hard to restore for a professional painter. However, unless a real mess, I tend to like leaving things original with their patina and war wounds intact.

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Thanks again. I am of the same view about marks on equipment cases. But younger folk seem to differ. I shall ask a professional painter, and report back.


As well as calling the factory, @NeilS might be able to help.

Hi Skybridge,

The NAC12 top plate uses M3 x 8 countersunk posi-drive in black (we now replace with hex drive where necessary).
The NAP160 top plate uses M4 x 8 countersunk hex drive in black.



That’s useful Neil, thank you.

I know we don’t ‘advertise’ on this Forum, but can you say where I can get these?

I did telephone the Factory yesterday, and left a message. But so far nobody has got back to me. I’m not concerned about that, as I called around midday on a Friday, so I would guess I’ll hear something Monday.

Also, it is very useful to know that the original bolt-down equipment was painted, and could be stripped back for re-painting. A few years ago I enquired from a prominent Naim-connected firm whether those cases could be refurbished to ‘as new’. The answer was a firm negative.


Hugh, your Naim dealer should be able to get hold of these for you. Otherwise an online search should bring up something suitable.

Metric ‘M’ bolts and screws are pretty generic. A well know auction site should soon reveal some. It rarely fails, for me… :sunglasses:

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