Replacing chrome bumper fascia

Can anyone speak to the effectiveness of fascia replacements for chrome bumper gear? Are there any “tricks of the trade” to be aware of?

I run a 32.5/hc/250 in the living room. My thoughts occasionally turn to a future when we have enough space for me to get Naim floor standers like SL2s and potentially going active. From time to time I see CB hicaps and 250s for sale that look great but for yellowed logos. The logos on my gear are proper silver. I would want everything to match if I expanded the system.

Yellowed logos have nothing to do with age. At a certain point in fascia supply, the silver/white was yellow, or went yellow quickly. I have come across older units that are pure silver/white, and later units that are all exactly the same yellow. There is no way to change the yellow logos other than buy a replacement 3rd party one, or buy a unit with silver/white logo.

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From what I can make out, the fascias that were prone to going from silver/white to gold with age were the first ones that came with material change around 1985-6.

Class A had some new full-width chrome bumper fascias made up with Naim’s consent. Naim even took some to repair chipped fascias, such as my own CB NAP250 which had not just a golden logo but also some minor edge chipping. With a new replacement fascia fitted it now looks good as new.

Beware any other 3rd party fascias. Most have not even sought, let alone received, Naim’s approval.

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Thanks guys. Yeah, part of the reason I find myself looking at gear that has yellowed logos is I am focused on the later years of chrome bumper, I.e. 1985-89 so it’s somewhat hard to avoid the 1985-86 runs given the tight window.

It’s great to know the fascias can be replaced without compromising the cosmetics. It seemed like maybe it would be a risk since the they appear to peel off/stick on (I could be wrong) rather than something that slots in place mechanically.

Yes, they stick on.

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Thank you Richard!

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