Replacing NDX with Uniti Nova?

I am contemplating replacing my old NDX with a Uniti Nova, reason being the NDX does not have the modern connectivity options, besides the screen is gone which is a minor nuisance. I have a Supernait 2, would this be obsolete in the new system? What with the Nova being a much newer device than the NDX, would I be downgrading or upgrading in terms of sound quality?

Other components in the system are Hicap DR, Powerline, Ovator S400.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

With a Supernait 2 and a HICAP DR you would be much better to replace the old NDX with an NDX2, which I reckon is a much better performer and also uses Naim’s current streaming platform. Of course, if one box appeals, then by all means try a NOVA, but really an NDX2, SN2 + HICAP DR should be a class or two above in overall performance.


If you want to go one box then a Nova makes sense. I would have thought an NDX2 would be a better choice here.


@Tariqv both Nova and S400s are fine pieces of kit and plenty of experience here with both.
The S400s imho are deserving of more than a Nova. I’ve just gone separates for one pair of S400s - for much improved performance.
The advice above is worth following, replace the NDX with an NDX2, unless you adopt a work around for the “modern connectivity”, by which you mean Qobuz streaming + repair the screen. The cost difference buying a NDX2 with some trade in for NDX, against Nova is likely to be slight.

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Don’t buy a nova you simply don’t need it with a supernait which is a better amp.
Ndx2 is what you need. Ignore the screen like I do, but it’s needed for initial setup.

I agree with the NDX2 suggestion.
You have an excellent Amp in the SN2 and the upgraded Streaming solution would only bring more good things from it🙂


Of course another cheaper option is to use the NDX as a DAC only and add something like a Bluesound Node or (as in my case), a Primare NP5 for full modern streaming capabilities.

Works well.


You would be better trading the NDX for a Naim DAC in that case - as a DAC the latter is superior. However, the quality of the front end is, as ever, paramount. An NDX2 would be my choice.

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Don’t disagree - big cost difference though. Although I’m sure more ex-demo NDX2s will flood the market in a few months with the arrival of the NSS333.

I hope so anyhow :crossed_fingers:t2:

I had NDX and sn3 with hicap and that was a lot better than the Nova that came later - though it’s not a direct comparison with sn2/ndx

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Thanks to all for your contributions. I suspected the Nova could be a downgrade, so that confirms that. Would an NDX with the non-functioning screen be sellable you reckon? Unfortunately there is no Naim service here in Turkey so my options are limited…

You see plenty of first generation Naim streamers with faulty screens for sale on eBay. I’m sure it would sell. There’s sufficient functionality available via the app for the so inclined to consider a faulty screen only a minor inconvenience :slight_smile:

Plus, even the awkward configurations can be accessed via documented button press sequences, of which several are in threads and posts on this forum.

You’ve got a great streamer, the display can be serviced for a reasonable cost. Adding a power supply to your NDX would significantly raise the bar. I put a 555 power supply on my NDX and it transformed the sound. A XPS-DR would also be a good option. Both power supplies pop up on the used market.

The NDX display can only be serviced by Naim now if the NDX already has the 192/24 board in it.

The NDX has dropped in price a lot since the Mk2 was introduced, and it would be worth even less with the screen not working. If a repair by Naim is not possible there is an ebay seller in France who can supply a replacement screen with fitting instructions. Even if you sell the NDX, it may be easier to sell it if the screen works.

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I’m probably going against the grain, but trusting my ears and my experience, plus several auditions, I say to everyone who’s after a perfectly fine and satisfying streamer, to buy the ND5 XS2, unbeatable, to my ears, at the price. I’d buy it any moment vs an NDX2 or even an ND555 - and I have heard them side by side.

As for the SN2, I’d sell the NDX, buy a 2nd hand ND5 XS2 and use the difference to look for a SN3, an almost perfect amp with a fine phono stage and much more interesting, refined and lively than the 2.

My opinion only, for which I assume complete responsibility, as it was in the past for more dangerous ones…



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