Replacing old 3 system Nothing last forever

I recently traded in my CDX2 for one of the last off the line CDX2.2 just because I love the sound so much and haven’t found anything that gel’s as well with the SN3 and Guru QM10’s. I was surprised how much more of everything the 2.2 had over the 2.

Hopefully there is plenty of life left in the spinner, its one of the difficult times when not many new players coming out and with a significant CD collection, which I still add to, its something I keep an eye on and the Rega could potentially be a good transport for the future, DAC’s are a plenty, spinners becoming rarer.


I don’t know if I’ll be able to resurrect the CD3 , but I need a new player ether way. I leaning towards getting a new cd player and amp and trying to fix the old gear after that. An easy second second kit.

I know I can’t walk from a cd player. I have 2500+ cds just picked up 3 of the Pink Floyd big boxsets in the past week alone. And have ordered a few from a site in Germany that is the only place to buy Stockhausen cds. So too much invested in my collection to just move on from the format.

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If ‘used’ isn’t out of the question, then a CDX2 with original Supernait as recommended by the late Frank Abela and several others, could be very sweet into your IBLs.

If possible get a home-loan of Elex/Apollo and possible some loudspeakers if your Nait 3 is still in function to compare.
Notice you need a RCA/DIN5 interconnect if using Apollo into Nait 3.
Nait 5Si have RCA, but pricey amp compared to say a used XS or a new Brio.

Used is not out of the question. My only problem is buying a CD player that has limited or nonexistent part supply. And I don’t want to drop more then $1500 on a player.

The Apollo and ElexR is a setup I’m going to check out. I have a few pairs of rca/din so I’m good there. The NAIT works fine. I would also consider the 5 SI. So I think I have a plan???

Please @NeilS would you chip in as to the viability of the CDX2.

Hi Christopher,

Yes, we can still currently service CDX2 machines, even the very early VAM1250 units can be updated to VAM1202 spec.



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