Replacing Packaging

Following an almost disastrous trip from UK to Oz, my two recently acquired black boxes barely survived what I can only imagine was a soccer match disputed between airport staff.

Needless to say the white Naim cartons got destroyed in the process but while shopping against my will for pots and fertilizer with my wife, an opportunity presented itself. :grin:

Snug as a bug in a rug as they say.


Those cases look similar to Pelican cases - which have been around for ages (since 1976 - I checked…).

They don’t now, but I believe Pelican used to warranty their original cases against everything (including being driven over by a Tank) except Shark attack, Bear attack and children under 5 years old… :astonished:

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Wish my Olive 250 had been in a pelican case to/from its recent holiday to Salisbury. The state of the original polystyrene end protection was the first warning sign…

I am considering to buy a second hand Naim DAC-V1. The seller no longer has the orignal carboard box. Can replacements be bought through the usual dealer network?

I believe replacement boxes can be obtained. No idea on the cost, though.

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Top idea. I had my stuff in storage in Sydney for about 6 months this year and almost all the boxes have been damaged either by stacking or moisture. I’ll keep those cases in mind if in need storage again, cheers.

Taking one of those with a black box inside through the airport security might be interesting though,

I don’t think any different from a cardboard box. And with either there’s a risk they’d want to look inside the black box…

Interesting, however, if you were to buy an amp in a box and take on as hold baggage, if you answer truthfully that the box wasn’t packed by you. When I did that once they got rather excited and I had to take it to a different drop-off point. It got through, but I I was lucky that I’s arrived at the airport with plenty of time, as it delayed me by three quarters of an hour before I could go to security myself.

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Some packing box pricing here…

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Yes, you can buy replacement boxes but they ain’t cheap. Naim has beefed up the foam inserts to be a little more “corner friendly” but the boxes are still the same.

The boxes for the Black/Classic range are significantly bigger than those for Olive or CB gear… :astonished:

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Indeed. Around 45 pounds per box I believe.

Thats good. The way my original packaging returned means i think I’ll need new packaging.
The olive 250 did not enjoy the ride. The sleeve is quite dented on one corner. Im already in discussion with my dealer for a replacement sleeve…just hope naim still can supply.

The 272 now has a home as well.


Especially with a DBL active system :rofl:

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I meant if you buy a replacement box for a particular item, it will be the same as the old one.

Purchased an ex dem 200DR from a large midlands dealer almost a year ago, when I collected it they couldn’t find the box, I was informed they would order one and have it shipped directly to myself, still waiting and after several emails and the dealer blaming Naims back log of orders still nothing, not impressed at all, my biggest hate is when someone repeatedly says they will do something and nothing gets done

So looks like I need to take a different route, all for a box!!!

Sorry spotted the post and just triggered my frustration. Poor performance from a large Naim dealer or just as bad if its at Naim’s end.

And I stand by what I wrote. You can only buy a current box - which is as supplied with the Black/ Classic range… :expressionless:

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Some years ago, our service centre managed to get from Naim original labels with serial number either. Today i don’t know whether this option is still available

I knew a guy that was working abroad for a while and when they decided to move house he couldn’t find the packaging for a huge pair of B&W speakers.
His wife had a tidy out the garage and it cost him over £600 for new packaging. :money_mouth_face: