Replacing power cord of Uniti Nova

Good morning to everyone.
Considering that currently the only upgrading for the Nova (apart from adding a NAP250) is the replacement of the standard power cable, you could suggest a good power cable that from your direct experience could bring a real improvement to the sound of my system (which I currently find very satisfactory for my ears)?
In the last few days I have had the opportunity to listen to the PowerLine at the dealer, but without my being able to hear poor results for the very expensive cost to me.
I ask the favor, if is it possible, of suggesting well-known brands and models that are imported into the Italian market and that I could buy from dealers in my country.
Many thanks to all of you.

To be honest I’d stick with the lead provided by all means experiment but the lead provided is fit for purpose.


Can I use the supplementary Powerline Lite cable supplied with the appliance using a UK to EU schuko plug adapter?
The above cable is incompatible in my country.
Is such an operation dangerous for the safety of my device?

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Ciao Allegromoderato
Yes its OK to change the PowerLine Lite UK 13A plug to a Schuko, its better than an adaptor.
Just be careful to follow the Schuko connection rules & ensure polarity is correct.


In the case of the Nova, a good cable is a game changer - but such cables are not cheap. You can ask an electrician if you can install a schuko socket. If it’s just a plug design problem, it shouldn’t be a problem. Then everything will be easier. A basic audiophile socket with a basic neutral cable should give you a noticeable improvement at a reasonable price. Any adapters will spoil your sound.

I use AUDIOQUEST NRG-Z3 (200€) on the Nova. Audible improvement in SQ. I can’t say whether the Naim powerline is better in the German power grid.

I’m not sure any cable is a game changer, a night and day difference or a jaw hitting the floor moment. Anyone would think from reading some of the hyperbole would think that a mere cable would be a life changing item. It’s going to make a modest difference but no more than that. It’s not going to turn a Nova into a Statement.

It’s worth noting that the PowerLine Lite is a standard cable with a fancy U.K. plug. If the plug is swapped for an EU plug then the lead becomes the same as the standard EU lead. Which is perfectly ok in the first place.

There is probably no one solution for everyone. My jaw dropped after connecting the Tellurium Q Black Power Cable. For me, a completely different device. Not a slight improvement, just a revolution. Of course, everything has to harmonize with the speakers and speaker cables.

If the cables didn’t make a difference, nobody would buy them, and as you can see, the market is quite large;). It is also important what you connect the cable to. If for a cheap extension bar then this strip will spoil all the cable gains.

Did you diagnose that the power cord introduces interference? If not, surely a cable change will not make a difference.

As I can see, this is a delicate topic even on the Naim forum :). It works for me. If you want, you can read a few reviews here: link. I’m not the only one feeling this. If someone doesn’t feel the difference, they will at least save some money :).

I agree with @hungryhalibut :flushed: Assuming the original cables are fit for purpose then changing will fine tune. But they can have a considerable negative effect. That said the impact of PLs has always impressed me and the SL interconnect was a considerable surprise.

It’s a power lead - wire - don’t worry about it.

Maybe hifi is different from other markets, but history is full of examples of people purchasing ineffective goods and services. Some patent medicines are obvious examples, many “in” health foods another.

None of that is to deny that your power cable is brilliant. I’ve not heard it so can’t say, but other people buying it is not on its own a reason to believe it will make a significant difference.



The Poweline is the cord you want.

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I’ve been happy with the improvements brought by the powerline on my SU previously and currently 272/250DR.

Without one of these, the Nova will sound broken…

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