Replacing the green switch on my chrome bumper 250

Before I consider taking off the case does anyone know if you can easily replace the LED or the power switch on the front of my old 250?

I tend to switch this amp off as it is in my office system and may not be used for longish periods so if it glowed again it might remind me that it is on!


@NeilS or @Darran would be the best people to advise here.

You don’t need to remove the case, carefully prise off the green diffuser (sometimes possible to do without the use of any tools) reach in with some long nosed pliers & gently pull the bulb/LED out. Very gently if it’s glass.
There have been a few different iterations of switches & bulbs/LEDs - might be an idea to post a picture of it next to a ruler & someone can then advise on availability.



Thanks Neil. I will do that later.


The globe used to be a Radiospares stock item, (as indeed the whole switch was). Here in Sunny Perth, (the down under one), we would just grab them locally from Radiospares.
As it happens I did a full switch replacement on a bolt down NAP 160 last year, and found several switch options, from Schindler, Radiospares and Mektric. From memory it’s a 13mm (1/2") hole in the front panel. You can have any lens colour you like, so if you want to stay green fine, or go modern 200 series white…

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Yup. The whole switch is… err… ‘remarkably similar to’… an RS item… :astonished:

They originally had a conventional bulb - but an LED version was available. Which I fitted when my bulb blew.

There’s at least one switch though that looks very similar but is actually slightly different in size and with no interchangeable parts such as lens etc…, so watch out.

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Ah yes, but would it sound as good if it weren’t green? Surely not - outrageous, mutinous talk!

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Removed switch casing. LED came on, mechanism seemed to be a bit sticky but now works perfectly,

Result. :+1:


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Yes, I did actually put a LED version in. Heretical but practical, the old globes were a bit unpredictable. Variable light output and prone to failure. I still have a packet of them in my 80’s parts archive.

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