Request for FAQ

The old forum had a thread with all the accessories that belong to the individual Naim devices.

I can‘t find the thread in the new FAQ section and would like to ask if it should be added there.


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I haven’t posted this list here yet as it will need updating by somebody at Naim. I did ask a while back but looks like I’ll need to chase it up.

In the meantime, is there something specific you need?

I was looking for infos about SNAXO and HICAP. But these items are still present in the old list, so no immediate action required from your side.

I just thought that it might be helpful if the list was migrated to the new forum eventually. And I agree, the list is a bit outdated, so it probably makes sense to wait until it is updated.

Hi @Richard.Dane, have I violated the forum policy? Because my last post is locked. I don’t intend to sell anything here. In fact, the items are already sold and I’m just going to ship them.

Judging by the number of forum posts about it, an updated connections guide and system automation guide would be useful too.

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Jochen, I have messaged you.

Understood, sorry for the misunderstanding.

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