Request for help/advise

I need some help/advise. I bought a NAC202, 2 NAP200, NAT05 and B&W Nautilus 803 many years ago.
Two years ago I added a streamer ND5 XS b.
I’m looking to replace my amplifiers for something more state of the art.
Is there anybody who have some experience or suggestions what I can do best?
My name is Rob and I live in the Netherlands.

Welcome Rob.

I’d say it would be worth looking at the front end rather than the amp (if it’s a ND5 XS you have rather than the later ND5 XS2)

A NDX2 would be a fine front end for your 202/200 and if you’ve not got one already, a NAPSC for the 202.

Following that, a Hicap DR would work nicely with the 202 and then pave the way for a 282…

Rob, Your amps are just fine, maybe add Napsc & Hicap if you wish to run biamp.
Next is source which soon will need replacement or a couple of PSU, source first, SOTA or not.

State Of The Art smell expensive, Statement or 500 range within Naim.
You need to be more specific to get decent replies.

@Robdutch - Service what you have, to start with. Then add NAPSC & HiCap.

Enjoy… :sunglasses:

In order. I’d say NAPSC first, then Hicap, then NAC282. Then if funds permits, NDX2.

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We all want the best system in the world, That super-duper state of the art system but……. You already have a pretty good base system. To really get good advice from a lot of helpful and knowledgeable people on here, tell us what the strengths and weaknesses of your system are. Also , to a certain extent the type of music does matter. I had (until recently) Harbeth M 30.1 speakers mids and vocals - gorgeous and on “smaller scale music” they were fine, but as I started adding “larger scale” and classical, I found they weren’t the best choice. I had planned on getting Dynaudio Heritage, but had problems obtaining them, and found a pair of confidence 20 for slightly less. Perfect?, no but for most of my listening a big improvement. The only place they fall down for me is on low level listening, which I have to do at times, so the Heritage might have been a better choice, but these are here and staying. Let us know what You want to accomplish, then advice should be useful. Also,like most of us the room is a large factor in the final sound (and also can’t do much about it) but can it be re-arranged and improved upon with some changes?

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