Resetting the Supernait

Hi all. After some weeks of fiddling with speaker positioning and swapping round isolation kit and cables to try and reduce a slightly bright sound, I tried resetting the SN2. I’m currently listening to results (first indications seem positive but I’ve only just done the reset) but it did raise a few questions that a quick search didn’t answer…

  1. Under what circumstances should resetting be done?
  2. What does resetting aim to cure?
  3. What is actually going on inside the amp when the process takes place?

What do you mean by ‘resetting’ the SN2 ?

It is possible to restore all the programmable settings to factory defaults, using the remote handset. There won’t be an impact on the sound, just the way it operates.

That’s interesting. Never heard of resetting an SN2 and there is no specific reset button on these amplifiers…

Its done on the remote control

OK. Have a black and white remote from 2014 and don’t see such a function but anyway, not looking to reset mine so no worries.

The how to do it is all in the manual.
7.7: To restore all Supernait 2 programmable settings to the
factory defaults press and hold the remote handset disp
key while the unit is in program mode. The Supernait 2 will
exit from program mode following this operation.

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Why do you want to do that?

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Those are the questions I posed as the OP.

Hungryhalibut’s reply above explains, it just resets the programmable options to factory defaults. Under most circumstances there’s no reason to do it, if you have an amp where somehow the logic has got confused, this’ll get back to the starting position, but it’s not something I’d expect anyone to need to do unless they’re taking ownership of a preloaded item and want to set it up from new.

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