Respect for Graeme Souness

Respect Graeme Souness? Not words I expected to write. He can be a difficult man, but what he’s doing for, and says about, this suffering kid is beautiful. “She wakes up every day and she knows it’s either going to be a painful day or a really painful day,” he says of the 14-year-old. "There’s no good day.”

Link to The Observer: Souness is a changed man since learning of a girl’s harrowing torment caused by a genetic disorder


Just read that whilst waiting for my ferry. Brings a tear to my eye. Tragic to think what some people have to endure.

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It is deeply moving, and too horrendous for me to understand.

The Guardian / Observer article has a link at the end if anyone wants to contribute

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Good man. ‘Evil’ is, sadly, le mot juste for that sort of thing.

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:+1:t3:Thanks for highlighting this cause. Donated.

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