I’m moving my system soon to a new home. The room is going to be a challenge but I’ll save that for later.
One option I’m considering is to run the ND555 head below the 500 head. This would put an empty shelf, or maybe just a stageline N (if I move my second turntable too) between my superline and the 500. I seems like a good idea to get the digital gubbins away from the superline and further from the 552 but will the ND be degraded too much by being bottom of the pile? I’ve not noticed one in this position in any system pics but has anyone tried it? If I had a full Fraim shelf there I’d just give it a go but there’s an empty Lite there at the moment.

You are in a far better situation than I am in with incredible gear.
Home environment always provides compromise.

I would wager it would be fine to do as you suggest.

I might have asked this before, so apologies, but if you have two stacks which I have is there a rule for the brain on the left and the brawn on the right. I ask because for my next equipment rebuild I want to have the brawn on the left and the brains on the right just to get the power supples a bit further away from the listening position.


Naim mains powered standard sized products have their power supply transformers to the right of the case (looking from the front). Having brains left, brawn right keep the transformers furthest away from the more sensitive items on the brains rack.

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Also the IEC sockets are on the right so you have a chance to train the cables away from the Burndys and snaics. In my old house I had the wall socket behind the brain stack but the block sat behind the brawn with the cables underneath, the cable supplying the block was well back. In the flat I have power approaching from the other end so well clear, except where it passes under one NBL and runs runs beside the cable for the other speaker for much further than I’d like.

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