Yesterday the Superuniti wasnt connecting to the network so after restarting the router I eventually turned the Superuniti off and then back on again.

It connected up to the network again as expected but the big surprise was that the overall sq improved by a noticeable amount.

Does anyone plan regular restarts of their hifi kit and gear improvements in SQ?

If you unplugged the mains and/or connectors the oxide removal can improve SQ.

I restart mine every time I use it. (i.e. I turn it off when not in use)

Some of these smart devices get too big and clever for their own boots, they start getting into complex thoughts prompted by the World Wide Web.
They sometimes need to be reminded of their primary purpose by that turning off and on again grand narrative.

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There have been many discussions of this on the old forum and my recall is that there was a balance of view that a periodic restart of analogue gear (just a restart, not a dismantle of a stack and reassembly) could improve SQ.
In addition with digital equipment there is also the possibility that one or another processing function has crashed and not auto-restarted. So a restart of digital equipment could also bring SQ improvements.

But I’ve never seen an authoritative explanation.

The SU (or another legacy streamer such as 272, and old Uniti, NDX or NDS) losing the network and requiring a restart is a bug that was introduced with firmware version 4.3 and it can occur if the router assigns a different IP address in a lease renewal or a restart. I have reported this several times in the beta group as it affects four of my streamers, but Naim R&D could never replicate it, so it remains unfixed as of now. It must be router-related, but it’s interesting that my Qb and UnitiCore always find the network after a router restart or IP number change and my four legacy streamers, since 4.3, rarely do whereas before 4.3 they always did.



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