Restaurant Apps

Anyone been to a restaurant recently where they request you order via an app??

Drives me bonkers…

Went to Nando’s for lunch with the kids, the manager stated they no longer have menus you must order via the app and scan a QR table code…

Already had three marketing emails from them…

Is it just me? Lol

Er, Wetherspoons.

I’ll get me coat.

Seriously, the 'Spoons app works well, but for ponced up KFC like Nando’s, I think I would thank the manager for his time and say that I will go to a restaurant instead :grinning:

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Maybe it’s just me :joy:

I’m 45 and the Naim forum is the only form of social media I’m on. I regularly leave my phone at home when I go out… Just hate the way things are going. I like interaction looking at menus talking to waiters/waitresses…


It’s not just you. My 70 year old brother is just the same.

:joy: not sure how to take that haha

Just tell them your battery died, and demand table service with a possible cash tipping.
If they do a good job and you don’t tip don’t be surprised if next time you take residence your met with a huge elephant standing sexy next to you. :star:

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Tell them that you don’t have a mobile phone and they will be more than happy to oblige :relaxed:

I know that I’m an ageing dinosaur, but I’ve only just become aware - through our “millennial” daughters - of “Deliveroo” and their ilk, and the services they offer: everything ordered via the girls’ smart-phones, etc… Of course it helps that they live in the middle large cities - Plymouth & London - and so have become well entrenched in using these services for several years. Indeed, daughter#2 commented a couple of weeks ago that following her and partner’s recent relocation from Clapham to Sydenham, the “deliveroo” service had gone downhill - talk about a first world problem……

It is rubbish thou isn’t it…

As an example, if I get on the train I want a ticket! Not a picture on my phone. If I go to the theatre or cinema same rules apply…

If I buy something in a shop I’ll tap my bank card… not my phone :joy:

Am I the only person to be irritated by “having to set up an account” just so I can buy a one off item?



Filling in endless details and having to register … then the password not being secure enough… so you make up one and forget it seconds later :joy:

Times are changing, adapt or become extinct (with rose tinted glasses) :relaxed:

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Talking of doing things with smartphones, I only became aware of Uber when my daughter and I came out of a church after a funeral service, intending to walk a mile to where the wake was to be held, and realised it was raining very hard. My daughter said something like “Looks like we need a taxi Dad!” I thought ok I’ve got a tenner somewhere and started to look around for any church notice about local taxi firms.

Then about 30 secs later, a black BMW appeared and stopped. She said here it is! We got in and a few minutes later we were at the venue, dry, and ahead of everyone else (the close family had gone off for the interment but we weren’t invited to that). And I didn’t need to pay because her Uber app had done it all for us! So she paid.


Result! :laughing:

But on a more serious note, I was fascinated by the way that daughter#1 ordered the takeaway when I was visiting (in Plymouth). All done via their smartphones, and by scanning a number of delivery operators in order to get the fastest delivery, even though they would be would have been picking up the exact same food from the exact same restaurant.

Both daughters use Uber extensively.

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