Retirement Rig

I’m looking to retire in the next few years and I’m getting to a point now when I’m almost there in the pursuit of Hi Fi happiness.

I need to look at speaker cables, a few upgrades on the LP12 and changing a couple of amps on my active system. Hopefully I’m then done and the only forward cost will be service on the electronics and stylus tipping.

Once the money tap has been turned off there will not be any option to upgrade. I’ve been on the quest for 30 years, spent shedloads on upgrading to get the perfect sound and I think I’m almost there.

Anyone in the same boat?


Yes, I partially retire at the end of March, and I am at end game as far as I’m concerned. I’m left with the task of buying more records to listen to. Eventually, I’ll need to replace/retip my phono cartridge but I’ve planned for it.

The one project I have going on now before retirement is to build my dream bicycle. I am waiting on the framebuilder now.

Good luck to you.


Great to have a project Josquin!

Once retired I will listen to music, go to gigs, buy more music, play in my pub band and ride motorcycles. As we get older and the end gets nearer we must make the best of of our passions.

I bought my first NAIM system in 1995 and stayed with it all these years, their lego block ethos has allowed me to get to where I’m now at. Great brand!


I started with a CB system in 1985. Then I restarted in 2010 and now have my classics system topped out. There’s nothing else to do to it but enjoy the music.

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Yes, being forcibly retired several years ago (disability). Decided to get close to my final final system. Instead of baby steps towards a final system. Here a trade, there a trade. Went and bought everything at a level I could happily live with forever. Technology changes however, and physical disability has steered me much more towards streaming, than my beloved lp-12. So, changes still get made but much less frequently and with no desire to go incrementally, but go directly to a final level and then sit back and enjoy. Btw my first system was a “standard” amplifier and tuner, a garrard 40b, probably shure cartridge, and libertyfone 100 speakers (liberty store in-house brand) and “standard” was the marantz/superscope builders. Just after the 1 year warranty was up, the amp crapped out (technical term) and liberty wanted more than the amp had cost (after the package price) just to look at it, I think it was $70 ,never mind actually fixing it, so for the princely sum of $25, I was able to get a Kenwood Ka-2500 amplifier instead. Wow. But now a near all-naim electronics, I’m set


I’m planning to retire (early) in the next couple of years so I’m doing as much as I feel reasonable to future proof my listening pleasure before then. I’ve taken a couple of significant steps in the last year and a half and have taken things just about as far as I want to. About the only significant change I could envisage post retirement is if a change of house (which is inevitable at some point) necessitates a change of speaker.

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I’m aiming to get off the treadmill in 6 years, unless I actually enjoy what I’m doing at that point. Will have to make some decisions before that that, downsize or service etc. I don’t see myself upgrading the power amp side as being tri-amp active that would add three more black boxes and all the burndies and I don’t have space for that. A speaker refresh would be nice, mainly for cosmetic reasons and possibly a 552. I’ll probably need to consider a better streaming front end at some point too.

Blimey, everyone’s retiring! There’ll be no-one left working at this rate…At least no-one who knows how to do anything.


Already retired. Just servicing & LP12. Might do the latest bearing upgrade when I next get LP12 serviced & cartridge renewal.
Might DR Nap300 in a few years when it needs service but might not depending on difference in costs.

Interesting, my hifi journey!! Peaked at a 172/200 and since retiring then I’ve been going backwards.

I now have a Uniti Lite and when that fails it’ll be something similar.

As I get older….only 62, the more I realise spending lots on hifi, cars, bikes etc is, for me, not the thing to do. There is a joy in something new and seemingly better, but doesn’t last.

My lite and Linn 109s suit me and my space but equally I have a pair of Ruark MR1 Mk2s that I find hugely enjoyable.

Now buying music and eventually gigs we’ll that’s another thing.


I retired last year. First upgrade was to my much loved LP12. I had it for nearly 40 years and put it through every upgrade imaginable. Sad to say, next to my new turntable (bottom of the range TechDAS) it sounded ‘broken’.

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Prior to retiring, I downsized my system rather than upgrade to a modern multi-box system. A few years on and with the unexpected financial benefit from covid, I am now moving back towards a multi-box system. I don’t regret the downsizing as at the time it was what I wanted and it got me into the world of streaming and ripping. Having been retired for a few years now, I realise that a better system would suit my needs more, I am now halfway there and eagerly awaiting for Naim to release the 272 replacement so I will have my ideal system.


I recently moved to the wonderful world of streaming with the purchase of an Auralic Altair G1. Also getting my 1985 chrome bumper amps 42N and 110 serviced and adding some budget speakers. The result is very enjoyable in the living room in our holiday home that was built in 2013. Interestingly I tried the same source and amps with my SL2 and It was amazing. Unfotunately the SL2 is not so easily portable to try them out there as well. The reduced box count is definitely a nice thing to have especially if you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated room. Otherwise there are potentially arguments about taking over the living room…

Just the opposite really. I retired with a simple Naim system that did the job I needed it to. Covid changed everything and we found ourselves at home more. That was a cue for me to develop a new inside hobby and at the same time realise we were listening to music more. Upgraditis then hit me in a big way. Fortunately we have (had) an annual budget for the other things that has largely been unspent and hence available for the upgrades.

I retired nine years ago, then started doing some consultation, then started my own business, and now do bits to assist my wife. All the while cutting back on the time devoted to income generation; although with the world economy ALL bets may be off!

I have used that time and energy, in HiFi terms, to listen more widely. What else is available and how does it measure up?

Funnily enough I have more Naim now than ten years ago …but, that doesn’t mean that it is the best or the best VFM, IMO.

For instance:
I made the mistake of borrowing a friend’s SBLs, and then bought them. They are very good, but more importantly for me they are boundary speakers. I have heard £2.2k speakers in my room that are as good - but they don’t go back against the wall.

Having the SBLs I have found that the 300DR has the best balance of qualities that I like. But, I have heard other cheaper amps that are better in some areas, just not overall for me in my system.

What this means for me is that I spend time doing what I enjoy, listening to great music and decent equipment, AND I find that I don’t hanker. I feel that I know the compromises that I have made within the resources I am prepared to put to this hobby.

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I managed to get a 500 series system together with a nicely musical turntable before retiring last year. I’ll probably need to change speakers after I move next year as the new wall will be plasterboard and I’m expecting the NBLs to unhappy in their close proximity. I took a lump sum so could stretch to 808s, except I’ve found no Kudos dealers in France so it probably won’t be 808s. Not looking forward to a speaker search TBH.

Incidentally, can you still endure riding a 916? I found from my mid 50s even a LeMans 3 was leaving me wrecked after increasingly short rides.

Everyone’s retiring and I am nearer going back to school than I am anywhere near retiring. :joy:


Back to school

I retired some years ago and never linked that event to achieving some hifi “goal”. Actually, I don’t have a hifi goal at all. Listening to music is what it’s all about and the great thing about retirement is that I have a lot more time for that. In recent years I have greatly expanded my musical tastes, exploring new genres and more esoteric parts of genres I’m very familiar with. My modest (by forum standards) setup gives me more listening pleasure than any I have owned over the past several decades and although I didn’t consciously plan that, it’s good place to be.