Return of the 272?

Traded in my 272 for my new main system.

Now looking for a headphone system to take Roon and give me headphone only playback in the bedroom.

Been looking eat a range of Raspberry Pi or other streamers -> variety of DACs -> variety of headphone amps at a range of prices from £100 per module up to a grand or so.

But should I grab my 272 back from the dealer before it’s traded on and use that just as a headphone-driving system running ethernet/wifi-supplied Roon? or is that a lot of unused electronics and so a costly option?

How about a pi into a dac v1? You can either add a pi hat digital out card, or use usb direct.

When I had a listen to some expensive Focal headphones driven by a 272 I thought they sounded pretty ordinary, so I suspect you would be better off looking elsewhere. My Sony portable player sounds way better. Depends on your choice of headphones though.

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I’d look for a 2nd hand headline with NAPSC.

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