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I started with a 72 140 hicap many years ago. Ended up with 52 135 and supercap. Tried a few different brands but always felt I missed the naim sound.

Bought a supernait 2 when they came out added a hicap.

Moved away again and have recently been waiting to see if they were replacing the 282 but got fed up of waiting so just bought a supernait 3 and hicap.
Just plugged in so warming up nicely.

Silly question but both come with new style leads and I do have some older crabtree leads and m&k and wondered if the new style are better.

Obviously I can test mine but it’s brand new out of the box so wanted to wait until it settles in a bit.

Sounding good from the word go happy bunny here naim always sounds great to me so I doubt I’ll be swapping for other brands.

Great to finally get the foot tapping again.



Brand new it will be a Powerline lite. When I bought my SC I already had a full Powerline so the Lite went on my Nat 05 and there was an immediate improvement.

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Cool I’ll stick with the new ones for now then


Is that a VHS player at the bottom of that stack😳

It most certainly is it’s a high end Panasonic. Still sounds fab

What are the big black units at each end under the TV?

I still have my Vincent sat7 valve pre amp and those are the 2 monoblocks it sounds phenomenal and I don’t think I will part with it.

Those are 998 monoblocks.




So would you say the power line lite is better than the old crabtree leads.


Certainly was on my Nat 05.

Cool I’ll stick with those leads for now might try a full blown lead. Supernait 3 performing well so proper listening session on Saturday evening.

Few beers can’t wait

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