Returning after a long absence

Hello to everyone. I was a long time member of this forum some years ago when I ran a very nice Naim set up with IBL speakers. Due to adverse personal circumstances I was obliged to sell my set up and I’ve been in the hi-fi wilderness until very recently now that things have substantially improved.

Let me say straight away that I no longer own any Naim kit. Not because I don’t like it anymore but for two reasons. Firstly I set my heart on acquiring a pair of Klipsch Forte III speakers, for which Naim electronics would be a dreadful mis-match, and secondly because now being retired I simply could not afford the sort of Naim set up that I was used to.

I now have the Klipsch speakers with Sim Audio Moon amplification and a Melco music library. I’m thrilled with this set-up. However I have a great affection for Naim equipment having owned it for around 25 years. It was what I always wanted to own and I was fortunate enough to be able to eventually get a very nice system after years of gradual upgrading. I do miss it.

Anyway I hope people will allow me to make some contributions here based on my long and enjoyable time with Naim equipment. It’s lovely to read of so many people enjoying their systems and making improvements. Really takes me back! Thanks.


Welcome back to the madhouse Pete!

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Welcome back and it is nice to hear of different electronics to Naim etc.

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Thanks guys - appreciated.

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Funny how being in hi fi wilderness has still brought us both back to Naim somehow in some manner. :metal:t3::fist_right:t3:

Am happy to see you here Pete01.

My ears refuse to shake Naim off - it’s a cult-like following sprinkled with sonic voodoo.


Phil P

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Thanks and yes I agree there is very little else out there with the Naim magic. Once it gets under your skin you’re smitten for life.


Welcome back, even if I don’t know you.
It’s refreshing to see , from time to time, other brands than Naim or Rega or Linn turntables.
Which streamer do you use, as you have a Melco server?

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Hi frenchrooster, I use the Melco N100 directly into the USB DAC input on my Moon 340i amp which has a digital board fitted. So no seperate streamer. I find this sounds excellent. No doubt a seperate stand-alone DAC would improve things still further but at a cost I just can’t afford!


Welcome back.

That sounds like an interesting system.

I am currently running with more Naim than I have for some time, but I’ve stuck around even when I was down to my Aro & 'Geddon, I find this probably the most civilised forum!

Look forward to your thoughts in due course.



Hi Pete,

I too have been absent for some time, I too don’t have Naim anymore, I too am retired, I too still feel a bond with Naim, and I too have Klipsch speakers - Heresy IIIs.
So, welcome back. I think we could start a forum of Returning Members with Klipsch. I don’t heave Moon amplification, BTW.



Thanks MrUnderhill I’m obliged to you.

Max, great to hear that you have the Heresy III’s. I know they are superb. I would really have loved to have got the Klipsch La Scalas but apart from being financially out of reach they were just too big for our room! Out of interest do you use any form of isolation between your Heresy III bases and the floor? Our Forte III’s just sit on the carpet but seem to be happy.

Ssshhh. You can’t call it that any more.


How about insane residence???


I have tried my Heresys on custom made iron stands. They were open frame, simple stands 10 inches tall, which allowed me to keep the speakers close to the wall.
I haven’t had any issue with excessive bass or resonances. Now I keep the speakers on their slanted base and about 12 inches from the wall, slightly toed in - but that is mainly for visual balance - the Heresys are not placement-dependent.

I am amazed at how many bad things are written about Klipsch speakers: it may be a good combination with our room, but they are not squeaky, forward or horn-sounding at all; while not extremely smooth, I think they are balanced and at the same time very spontaneous and engaging. I’m rather happy to have finally found something with the same fun-factor of n-Sats but with a large, dynamic, easy presentation.




Thanks. Yes I agree completely about the sound of the Klipsch speakers. True they are not especially smooth or refined but they are most definitely not bright, aggressive or forward sounding at all but actually very balanced. They certainly have the fun factor that’s for sure. They have as you say a large very dynamic, fast and immediate presentation with no signs of strain or holding back when things get loud. They are incredibly musically involving. They actually put me in mind of the classic speakers of yesteryear from Linn and Naim. They are all about musical involvement rather than hi-fi. So glad to hear you’re enjoying your Heresy III’s. I can’t see us ever parting with the Fote III’s - we’ll have them for life. Best speakers we’ve ever owned.


Welcome back to the forum Pete. No big deal not having any Naim kit, quite a few members that don’t. Sorry to hear you had to leave the hobby in the first place, but very glad your situation has improved nicely. I went thru much the same a while back.
As @MrUnderhill said, this really does seem to be the most civilized of the forums. It’s nice to have you back in the fold, and I look forward to reading your additions and opinions.

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Welcome back, I bought some Klipsch speakers a few years ago, Rb81 Mk2.

I was after a pair of speakers that were able to deliver more volume without fear of damage, thinking about parties etc, still get rolled out for these occasions.

They were setup in my cabin system, which is Densen based mostly and have to say they could be pretty impressive.

Where they work particularly well is something like playing Miles with the cabin door open and the effortlessly fill the garden and make it sound like the band is actually performing a live set.

I did briefly try them on the system in the house which is Naim based but setup is more nearfield than the cabin. This was more akin to being in a basement club, they certainly drove the room and were an exciting listen, albeit a bit relentless in this setting and need more space to play to their strengths.

Obviously not in the same class as your Klipsch but I’ve certainly found them a refreshing alternative to many a sterile sounding speaker, the horn loaded tweeters certainly have something about them.

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To be honest, I owned a pair of Heresy III from Sept 2019 to Sept 2021, then I stupidly sold them. Lately I was thinking what on Earth to buy and I thought that the Heresys have been the speakers that lasted for the longest time in my system, two full years, So I bought them again.
Luckily I paid 20% less this time. And this time they won’t go anywhere…

It’s what love does.


Phil P

It would be boring if everyone had only Naim and everyone aspired to the top rung Naim system. Welcome back!

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