Returning the muso 1 and possibly the muso qb2

After much frustration and regret I have decided to return my refurbished mu-so 1, even though I got a great deal on it for $500. Chronic connection problems (dropped signal, music lag, lost network - even when wired) cut this love affair short. When it worked, the sound was impressive, but with all the connectivity issues in the end it gave more pain than pleasure. Nothing like jamming to a favorite song and then right in the middle everything stops for no reason. Then needing to spend 5 min fiddling with apps to get everything reconnected!

I was hoping with the addition of the mu-so qb2 (multiroom setup) I’d be able to overcome some of the connection issues but even then the signal was dropped, sometimes for no reason at all, sometimes just by interacting with the manual controls on one of the units. Many times the multiroom icon would not even show up in the naim app. Everything was in close proximity, with the router in the middle, so distance was not the issue. All firmware/software were updated to latest as well.

Such a shame to have to return it but it just tried my patience one too many times.

I’ll spend a few more days playing with the mu-so qb2, which could not compete with the hi-fi SQ range of the mu-so 1. Gonna see if it suffers from some the connection issues I was experiencing with the multiroom setup. Since it’s a newer model I’m hoping not. Also, after listening to the mu-so 1’s SQ, I need to decide whether I can accept the reduced SQ of the mu-so qb2.

Now I am considering picking up a pair of the KEF Lsx II which promises better connection and input options as well as a better soundstage. Other suggestions for the $1000-$1500 range of wireless speakers will be appreciated.

Look at the Sonus faber omnia.

I suffer none of the issues you describe with the qb1, it does suggest network issues exist.


Can’t help with the Kef’s but a wired Qb should be rock solid. We’ve had one for years without issue.

Could you describe your network, please?

Muso and Qb on wifi, with other streamers both wireless and wired, all across two buildings, using iOS apps; all works fine here, including m-room, WAPs hard wired.
A network description would be helpful as Guinnless asked.
Try turning off any 5ghz wifi on router, since there is no option on iOS control points.
Some routers do not communicate satisfactorily between the two bands, which is one source of potentially the likely network problems you are experiencing.

Thanks for your replies. I think my network is okay - 2.4g speed test = download 33 mbps, upload 20 mbps. (On 5g download 340 mbps upload 23 mbps.) Put everything on the 2.4 g band. Didn’t try turning off 5g though. Unfortunately I’ve already returned the mu-so 1.

I’ll be using the qb2 over the next few days and report any additional issues.

It’s too late now but your broadband speed is largely irrelevant. It’s your network that’s the required information needed e.g. router, switches, cables, wireless extenders etc.


The first culprit is often mesh WiFi; some by default provide a second dhcp server which clashes with the one in the router and the symptoms you describe will occur. When installing a mesh system this needs to be set up in pure “ap” mode.

Yesterday I experience 1-2 signal drops with muso qb2, connected on wi-fi/airplay.

And for some reason the naim app loudness toggle setting reverts to “off” even when manually resetting. I have the Spotify equalizer set - would that cause the issue?

@Guinnless my router is Sagecom Fast 5260 Dual Band 802.11ac Wireless Router with 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports. I tried both wirelessly and running an ethernet cable directly to the mu-so 1 with the same issues. I was not using a wireless extender. If necessary, please recommend another router or specific settings I should change, in case I decide to re-purchase the muso 1 or 2.

@robert_h i am not using a mesh wifi. i am/was using apple airplay to sync both speakers.

The important bit is that you are not using mesh WiFi which often messes things up.

Any recommendations for a decent budget mesh that doesn’t break the bank?

And then I assume you wire the speaker directly to the mesh receiver, or?

There have been a few comments here recently about mesh WiFi being problematic, which I think is a little unfair, as it can be very robust and effective. They are no more or less likely to cause DHCP issues than (otherwise inferior) non-mesh network extenders. Perhaps such problems are being reported more often because the proliferation of consumer mesh devices has lead more people to instal them on home networks without configuring them correctly.
It is, however, frustrating that some mesh equipment (Google for example, unsurprisingly) doesn’t allow you to disable DHCP. The other side of the problem is that some ISP supplied routers also don’t allow you to disable DHCP, so they are just as much to blame.

We have a Nest wifi Pro, with each of the 3 boxes hardwired. The ISP supplied router is set to modem mode, so the Nest does everything. No issues whatsoever. The Naim works perfectly, a Nova and three Qbs, and the wifi is rock solid.

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That’s the point I was trying to make. Adding mesh is popular and rightly so, but you have to know how to set it up; it’s not necessarily plug and play as frequently dhcp “on” is the default.

I had a Mu-so QB for about six months two or three years ago. When it worked it sounded really good.

I was continually having problems with it, always losing connection, etc. and having to keep reconnecting it to the app.

In the end, I sold it on eBay as I’d had enough with it.

I think the actual issue was with the BT internet as when I started using an internet radio adapter, (much later), that also had problems.

I was experiencing drop outs that would lose the connection, but whenever tested by BT they always advised that the speed was OK, which appeared all they were concerned with

After many visits from BT they actually identified the issue causing the drop outs. Turned out to be corrosion on the cable going into the connection in an underground cabinet along the road to me. However, to fix it they would have to lay a new cable to my house, which meant digging up the road, path and my driveway.

In the end I changed from BT to full fibre from Gigaclear, using a mesh system and had no further problems. Got the 200mbs package, but usually get around 230mbs, up and down, hardwired or WiFi.

So to summarise, having a good, stable and reliable internet does seem to be a very matter.


Sure, but again you are referring to mesh as the problem, which isn’t the case. Non-mesh LAN devices are exactly the same in this respect.

Interesting discussion, thanks all for chipping in. A couple of reflections. Hoping Naim takes note and considers how to clarify such issues in set-up documentation to alert new users.

Also, any good diagnostic tools out there to help find and fix such issues, or at least a step by step checklist? As a non-techy my head is starting to swim and wondering where to start looking for the problem. Sounds like I don’t need a mesh after all.

@ChrisSU sounds like you’re suggesting it could be as simple as troubleshooting the non-mesh router and checking that DHCP is disabled?

If you are able to run an Ethernet cable to your Muso, or any other network connected device, you shouldn’t need to worry about mesh or other wireless range extenders. However, you mentioned that you use Airplay, which always involves a wireless leg or two as the signal is routed to your phone, then back to the router, before it’s sent to your Muso. AirPlay is great for convenience, but other connections avoid use of WiFi for the audio signal completely, so depending on what music sources you are using you might consider alternatives.

Agreed it’s not mesh per se but it’s the most likely second device (and a popular solution to WiFi issues) that someone will connect to a network that also can run dhcp. It’s unlikely someone will plug in 2 routers, though never say never. Mesh is not at fault, it’s 2 devices conflicting with each other.

ChrisSU i bought the muso/qb2 for its wireless capabilities. frankly, if the suggestion is to bypass wifi, I might as well look at more dynamic wired systems. as I understand it, I also need airplay or cast if I want a multiroom setup, which I do.

also I don’t understand how I can disable DHCP without making my network very finicky for adhoc devices to join like other phones, laptops, etc. again, I’m not much of a techie so I’m probably missing something .

robert_h not sure what you’re suggesting. it’s difficult to imagine anyone who only uses only 1 networked device these days. I would think a router, a couple of wireless speakers, a couple of phones and couple of wireless computers is a fairly common scenario. Any advice for troubleshooting beyond mesh or extenders since I’m not using either of those?

hands up in the air :thinking:

wondering if I should try HungryHalibut’s setup: switch the router to modem mode and add nest/mesh - short of replacing the router, which has worked fine up until now. I might also ask the ISP to test the network for dropouts but again, it’s been fine up until now.