Rich integration through Roon & my NDS

Following some work to link metadata against the RTE Radio channels, when listening to RTE LyricFM, it is possible to see what’s been played in Roon, who it is performed by, and a link to the material if available, either in your local library or Tidal/Qobuz service.

So from this morning’s “Hamilton Scores”, the track, performers, composer and link

And the link takes me directly to, my local copy of this piece

The power of data.

Roon integration provided by a simple SonoreUPnP bridge, leaving the NDS/555DR to do what it does best, be a downstream network player, playing WAV files.

What’s more, with Roon ARC I can take the identified piece onto my iPhone, with full lossless HiRes playback for Mobile playback from my local library.

Including an integration into my ‘03 BMW E46 coupe, using an existing iPod integration with the original OEM head unit, where the Artist/Track is displayed on the head-unit’s display with the track played in HiRes.

So if you hear something nice on the Radio, you can find it, and enjoy it during the rest of your day, whether in or out and about.


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