Rick Beato on Nuno Bettencourt

What I enjoy about Rick Beato is that he gives you a musical education. Like any true education this gives you a richer way of seeing the layers of the world around you.

I had never heard of Nuno and will be searching him out, but regardless of whether I enjoy his music, and I think I will from this video, I have a greater appreciation of what is going on when you listen to a first rate guitarist:



Is that the chap from Extreme - popular early 90’s ?


:open_mouth: Really…?? Well you have now…!!!

Yes, that is him. Extreme are still going, I learned…

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More Nuno can be found here…

(he’s the one sitting to the left of Tom Morello…)

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Interesting - I’ll have to look at the youtube links when i’m not in work.

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I know!

But I love Beato deconstruction of what is happening in the solo. I am a poor choral singer and so I have had the privilege of singing with far more proficient musicians in some great venues. As a part of that you will automatically be singing in parts and so see how music is constructed, as well as see this through historical styles and developments. Seeing how a rock piece is put together is great fun.

Anyway, just gathered a number of Extreme’s albums and Bettencourt’s other contributions for my delectation.

As a poor guitarist - still learning - I am with you…!!!
( I sent the Nuno solo to my guitar teacher - she was impressed…)

Very happy for those who ‘know’ to show us things like this… :thinking: :expressionless:

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That’s why I also love his interviews, a musician’s insight.

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Thanks for the thread / links @MrUnderhill @IanRobertM. Had a little bit of spare time this afternoon to listen to some Extreme tunes from my youth. Good memories with those :wink:


Thanks to @IanRobertM on Awesone YouTube Stuff thread for this classic from Nuno.

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