Right Channel...hiss crackle & pop, losing mid range and bass

Hi folks…advice/help needed. I have a 202/200/Hi Cap driving B&W 805s. Recently had the power amp serviced by Naim. I’m now getting a lot of crackle and hiss out of the right channel irrespective of source. I’ve checked and it’s not the speaker. I have noticed that the cable between the HiCap and the Power Amp (200) looks a bit ‘wonky’ could this be the problem? Any advice re what I should do next?

Have you tried swapping the speakers over on the amp output (L to R and vice versa), to see if it is before or after that connection? If not, that is the obvious thing to do, after which follow up as appropriate swapping channels at other points in the chain to diagnose which component is the cause (Speaker cable or speaker, preamp, interconnect or power amp.)

Doing that might even fix the issue if it is simply a poor connection.

I would just try a new cable first. A Naim dealer should be able to loan you one, or you could buy a cheap aftermarket one just for test purposes.

Thanks will do this first as well as trying a new cable

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