Right channel missing after few days power down

Greetings forumites. I’ve had this problem before with my 552/500 combo but it righted itself just by powering down again. Not so lucky this time it seems. Aside from removing and reconnecting the maze of wires has anyone got any wisdom they can share on the subject please?

Have you tried other inputs on the 552…it could be a relay in a particular input?

I had this on my 300 awhile ago. Returned for inspection revealed loose burndy connections both on the plugs and PS’s sockets for Ch.2

A relatively cheap fix but some hassle… it maybe same situation on your 552/500

What interconnects are you having?

Thanks for the replies. Changing input only replicated the problem so that’s eliminated that it seems. I’ve just taken all connectors of, given the cables a gentle massage. The fault remains but on powering up I now have quite an audible buzz from the right speaker. I’ve never had buzz or hum from any of my Naim equipment. Seems like a call to the dealers mighty be in order.

The Burndys are 13 months old on the ND555 while the rest is SL full loom.

Yes…a call to the dealer, thats disappointing, hope they can sort it quickly.

A bit annoying but I guess should be an easy fix. Fingers crossed

And if it is a loose connection or something…you might end up with better sound in the end!!

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well its not the NAP500…source and interconnect i can check tonight, if those two turn up nothing the blame will firmly be laid at the feet of the 552 :scream:

Well the fault seems to rest with the ND555. With a bit more experimenting I could have discovered this a few nights back. Oh well we live and learn.

I had a din relay fail…are you/ did you check the rca output. Hope it is sorted soon. Naim replaced my unit, immediately.

Thanks Gazza this might well be the same case. I tried testing the RCA out but it didnt seem to correspond to any of the inputs on the 552. The manual wasn’t particularly clear so i gave up. Brought the ndac up from my second system and connected the digital out to that. Hey presto! A make shift work around. The ND555 will be boxed up tonight and taken to my local dealers. I always get fabulous service down at Canonbury Yard and its only a ten minute journey in the car. Fingers crossed it will be sorted soon :+1: thanks for all your responses.

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You have to program the 552 rca out to a button like tuner with the cheap plasticky remote.
My dealer did mine for me, otherwise they are dead.

yeah sounded like i neeeded to dig out a narcom4 (no idea where mine is) and mess around with it. As it would only provide a short term fix and the unit would have to go back i gave up.

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came back from a weekend away last night, was due to take the streamer and power supply into my dealers today, thought id just check the din out again as I had slotted in my NDAC last week to replace the streamer - problem gone! right channel back and all souding fantastic! i have left everything in situ and will sit, wait and enjoy, until it trips up again :crazy_face:

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