Right or wrong about jumpers

I ask my dealer what is right about connecting to dual-terminal speakers. Should the main cable go to the bass / intermediate terminal and then jumpers to the treble? Or vice versa? My trader thinks that it is done as you want. Some also connect diagonally. My question is, is there a rule here?
Regards Lovstad

No rule. Try it and see which you prefer.

:small_blue_diamond:Hi Lovstad,…Diagonally sounds best.!


100% agree. I have my cables made in ‘F’ configuration & that makes it easy to quickly swap around, I’ve tried it every way possible, both listening over extended periods & quickies with just myself (pun intended) or with wife and/or hifi friends.
I/we eventually concluded any of the changes were either expectation, anticipation or imagination.


I used diagonal on my two way D40R and straight on the three way K6. Both from ProAc. it is easy to hear at our house. The D40R would play effortlessly on the diagonal to 12 or 1 on the volume. The K6 would break up unless it was set up straight. Either is very loud on the 500, but at high levels you can easily hear the difference.

Try this–

Input leads

Thanks everyone,
There are apparently no shortcuts here. I must make a schedule and hire the wife and the test simply. My feeling was that the main cable would go to the treble as these are the most sensitive.

How important is it to use the exact same cable for Jumpers? I use Ansuz speaker cable and their jumpers are expensive.

If there is a rule, it would be set by the speakers themeselves.
I have read that users of speakers with exotic tweeters or those that share a crossover with a midrange unit preferring the jumpers going straight down to the bass.
My speakers have no crossover on the midbass with only a filter for the treble and most definitely prefer it straight in the bass and jumpers to the treble.
If your using a jumper made from more or less the same materials as the main cables, then your taking out any doubts about other contributing factors over tonality.
Personally didn’t like any diagonal set up. Made things more hifi but less musical as a whole.

I have only just started experimenting with the different configurations and was surprised at the differences.

I was always on the bottom pair, not realising there were other options. Tried the top pairs, a little too sparkly, so currently trying diagonals.

I was just lying on the sofa thinking how my Naim system sounded clearer, a tad more focused than usual. Then remembered that I’d completely disconnected the left speaker (ProAc DB3) earlier this morning to minimise any chance of my cleaning lady tripping over the speaker cable.

So there’s always that option…

With both speakers connected, I can’t hear much difference between different jumper configurations. Using NAC A5 jumpers (& cables).

If this helps discussion & descriptions - help yourself

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As it’s AC, there should be little or no difference between 3 and 4.

Hi Xanthe, some would argue it’s the same between all of them, if there is a change then it implies there is a variable is the electrical parameters in the few cm of wire that is the ‘jumper’
In my cables the ‘jumper’ is an uncut continuation of the speaker cable, so considering ohms law, I don’t buy it.
Separate jumpers might well be different & I’m sure someone will tell me why.

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Or in the integrity/suitability of the soldered/screwed/crimped connections in the plugs, or in the surface contact resistance of the plugs in the speaker sockets.

Either that, or ears can detect the time delay of the signal reaching the second plug (of the order of 0.3 nanoseconds)

If a difference is heard, implying one or more of the above effects, why not create a ‘Y’ connection, ending in equal lengths for the two (or 3) tails to the speaker plugs? All connections of course would have to be equally well made, and all plugs have equally good contact surfaces.

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Don’t know if it’s the same for you mike on your Totems but for me I like positive on the top and negative on the bottom.

Those 4 could also have more. Left speaker with bass jumpers, right with treble jumpers. 3 and 4 can be mirrored instead of sequential so long as negative to negative and positive to positive is followed.

Sorry TobyJug, my heads spinning.
I’ll sick with config #1

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I see to have them different each side, as discussed in the Totem thread.