RIIA to Supernait 3: Rca-Rca or XLR-DIN?

I am about to buy a new RIIA (Keces S-Phono) for my turntable. I have a Supernait 3 and now I wonder what type of cables I should use.
The Keces S-phono has two outputs: unbalanced RCA and a balanced XLR.
So should I go RCA-RCA or should I use XLR to DIN?
Is the DIN on the Supernait3 balanced? If not, is there a point to use XLR-DIN?

I also wonder if it matters what input channel I use on the Supernait 3. CD or Turner is the same thing right? What about Aux?


The inputs on the Supernait are single ended so you should use the single ended RCA Phono output; either use RCA-RCA interconnect, or better RCA-DIN i/c. Any of the line inputs would be fine.

I guess that single ended is the same as unbalanced?
Thank you Richard.

Yes, single ended is not balanced.

Note also that DIN is not the same as XLR, and is not balanced. It’s Naim’s preferred connector for unbalanced use, and it’s best to use it when available rather than RCA, as Richard mentioned above.

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