Riksgränsen,..Ski-Paradise in Northern Sweden

:small_blue_diamond:It come in some questions if there is any snow,…so we think this picture can straighten a question mark

:black_small_square:Love this picture,…this message above came from the Swedish Riksgränsen a few days ago :grin::grin:.



First time i skied downhill was 1980, early June at Riksgränsen. With sun 24 hours per day.
The snow was hard like ice. The opposit from now. How my ski-week was? Not a lot of sleep…
It is a Paradise.


:small_blue_diamond:Gunnar,…When I was in school,…so every spring the school arranged a spring-trip to Riksgränsen.
It was the week before the spring-season started so it was a bit cheaper.

As an adult,…I have gone there many times,I have also gone a lot in Abisko and Björkliden.
It is a few miles before Riksgränsen,for those of you who do not know.

:black_small_square:A Real Paradise With Fresh Air.

I put some pictures…







Are you in any of those pics, Peder?
I did a lot of boarding and skiing before I had kids.

Perple liking the nature I strongly recommend Riksgränsen. About 1000 km north of Stockholm. Skiing or just the nature. I have promised my wife (french) a ski holiday there. Next year early June.

some google pics from the 3 vallées, France. I must return there!!!

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:small_blue_diamond:Gunnar,…I have to correct you a little :wink:.

From Stockholm to Riksgränsen…
:black_small_square:By plane 1012 km.
:black_small_square:By car 1368 km.

Lovely with a ski holiday in June,…then you get to ski in the Midnight Sun.


:small_blue_diamond:Frenchrooster,…The Difference with Abisko, Björkliden and Riksgränsen is that it is Europe’s last “wilderness”.

There is only one road,…
And it is between Kiruna in Sweden and Narvik in Norway.
Previously there was no road,…Only trains.


a bit different indeed! The positive thing in the 3 vallées is that you can ski an entire day without returning on the same track. It’s the biggest in Europe. But better go outside holidays…

:small_blue_diamond:Frenchrooster,…I have been a lot in Austria, Switzerland and Southern France.
:heart: And it’s incredibly beautiful.

You should not compare,…because it is not possible.
But Europe’s last “Wilderness” definitely gives an extra dimension.


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:small_blue_diamond:One more Thing,…
We who live in northern Sweden,…thought it was a shame when they built a road between Kiruna in Sweden and Narvik in Norway.

It was a much larger feeling of “Wilderness” when you could only travel by train to Riksgränsen.



In 1992 me and a friend bought motorbikes in New York and rode them to the Arctic Circle in Alaska and back.


I’ve skiied and boarded in the 3 vallées many times.
Also Chamonix, Verbier, Davos, Grindelvald, Kitzbuhl…
So much boarding and climbing - like when I was sleeping in a tent on the Cosmique Glacier and a few million of tons of rock fell off the Bonatti Pillar…


:small_blue_diamond:JimDog,…No unfortunately,…throughout my life so I have been bad at having with me a camera.
Now It’s easier when the camera is in the phone.

But I lived almost in the ski slopes during my upbringing.
But,as with you,…It was a little less when I got my son.
But we have two ski slopes in my hometown,… and three larger in a radius of 50 km.
So the opportunity to go downhill is very good.

:small_orange_diamond:Ps: But I have skied in all places on the pictures.


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I have never skied but I have been through Riksgränsen, I hitchiked from Copenhagen to Kiruna and then took the train to Narvik and then hitchiked to Oslo to get a flight to Southend in the UK. However this was in 1964. I got off the train at some point and went for a walk towards a lake and met a Laplander in full costume. Then I got the next train. I missed out on the journey along Narvik fjord as it had got dark.
In Kiruna and Stockholm I had a couple of nights in jail, to protect me from the cold. It was a well known feature of Sweden that the homeless hitchiker could find a cell for the night - however ine could be thrown out onto the streets if a drunk was taken into custody.

Sorry for the interuption - now back to your normal programing.

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Wow in 1964 I emerged screaming into the world.

One of my favourite books is by a photographer called Tim Page who set off for Vietnam on a moped aged 16 - and didn
T come home for a few decades…

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