Ringing from the naim boxes?

Anyone know the definitve answer to why Naim make the boxes ring along with the music? I dampened them with a small piece of cardboard which has worked as even voices in the room set them off, but am I doing wrong? its hard to get a straight non Naim answer and yes I have tried to hear a difference but you end up beleiveing anything🤪 thanks in advance

They’re designed to do so, apparently. Naim used to supply a little damping plastic piece for the top edge at the back of the inner sled, but most preferred it not engaged. Naim decouple the boards from the chassis (taking the principle to extremis in the S and 500 series kit)so I guess the cover acts as a sort of energy sink or cage, creating a quiet room within.

Aha! So that’s what the piece of plastic is on the rear of my Supercap. :blush:

I thought as much but it got annoying but I have subsequently removed the carboard and yes it does seem to make a difference in a foot tapping way, but wondered if it was my imagination! i just wondered if anyone could tell the difference in a blind test! anyone tried it?

I’m content trusting Julians ears

Yes, we tried placing a focul pod on top in the middle of a unit. It noticably affected the dynamics and made the music sound flatter.

thanks for your answers I am glad I asked… sounds great!

but what about the fact that when i stop playing music i can hear the noise of the amps loudly does that not in turn corrupt the sound in turn? just a thought

i am still leaving them undamped as its an amazing sound which answers my question :slight_smile:

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