RIP Albert Roux

Very sad start to 2021, with hospitality closed and the announcement of the death of a true legand of a Chef - Albert Roux

taken this from the Caterer - but it’s fair to say No Roux Brothers NO fine food in Britian


Very sad: a true icon of the culinary world.


we work closely with Le Gavroche, over the years I have eaten at Le Gavroche 3 times, sadley not when Albert was cooking, I worked with a chef who was one of their rising boys, have friends who worked at Gavorche in the 3*** days

just hope hospitality can get back on it’s feet following COVID

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The Roux brothers revolutionised cuisine in this country. Amazing to think that, after 53 years, Le Gavroche is still the classiest restaurant to be found in London. The grapefruit and lobster salad, the venison roast, steaks, lamb and petit pois a la Francaise, and of course the double cream cheese soufflé are all rightly regarded as classics. And the wine list is to die for!

Not the most fashionable food available in the capital, but perhaps the best.


He was one of the greats of cuisine, his restaurant is still one of the must eat places in London.
R.I.P Albert

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I ran a Restaurant for one of Alberts proteges and had a fun time doing it.

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