RIP Cathal Coughlan

So sorry to hear that Cathal has died at just 61. I loved Microdisney and Fatima Mansions, and had just started investigating Telefis. A true post-pop maverick and all-round Irishman extraordinaire.

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A big loss alright, RIP

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I don’t usually comment on death threads as I feel an element of self-aggrandisement to it all. However, like @bhoyo I loved much that Cathal did. An extraordinarily complex man in many ways but with an absolutely unique musical and lyrical vision. I had no idea he was ill at all but if you’ve not discovered any of his output then now is as good a moment as any.

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Yes, it sometimes seems there’s an “I said it first” element to RIP threads. But this one touched me, and I’d love more people to discover Cathal Coughlan’s music.

Such a shock to hear and far too young at 61.

First heard Microdisney in the 80’s and then followed Cathal into Fatima Mansions. Loved Crooked Mile, just wish they would re-release it.

“Only Losers Take the Bus”


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To my great surprise, the Microdisney albums all seem to be on Tidal.

Crooked Mile has only recently gone up on streaming services (Qobuz for me). I had checked for it within the last month or so and had seen no sign - so pleased to see it now.

Thanks also for the heads up on Telefis - I was not aware of that project with Jacknife Lee and will give it a listen.


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