RIP Dice Man

I remember being obsessed with this book when I was 22 and has a cult following in some quarters.

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Very dangerous game to play as an audiophile.


My condolences, I didn’t read any of his work. But my heart fell thinking Andrew Dice Clay had passed!
Sounds like an interesting read tho.

I’d never heard of him until a few weeks back. Curious as to what the Talk Talk song ‘Such a Shame’ was about, I read that Mark Hollis had been inspired by one of his favourite books, The Dice Man.

Oh man, what a shame, a really good book and provided many a stupid game down the pub after reading this …
RIP and I hope there are some dice in heaven, but you might not be able to use them as you have in the past …

I enjoyed reading all the books of his I read.

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