RIP Don Everly

The saddest news.
Don Everly, half of (IMHO) one of the greatest, most influential vocal duos of popular music has sadly passed away.

The word ‘legend’ is applied to some musicians too casually at times. Today it would be entirely appropriate.

Rest peacefully Don, and thanks to you and your brother Phil for some of the most hauntingly beautiful harmonies we’ve ever heard.


I saw him solo. And with phil. At the albert hall. they were fantastic .

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Saw them support Simon and Garfunkel in Manchester years ago and they were excellent. Another sad loss

The old boys, are leaving, slowly one by one.

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The Everly Brothers never had much impact on my musical journeys (as far as I’m aware) but… it’s always sad and a moment or two of reflection for me when one of the giants dies. Reminds me of my mortality and those I love. So…RIP Don. And thanks.

I’d like to think there’s a hell of gig happening somewhere in the afterlife. That there isn’t, doesn’t lessen the feeling.

I remember being at the RAH in 1983 with Duane Eddy on the bill. Read in a magazine that Albert Lee wanted to be playing with the Everly’s but was contracted to be in Emmylou Harris’s band. He told her that they were his idols growing up so she promptly fired him !
Great concert.



The were a big influence on the eagles. Beach boys. Gram parsons. Keith Richards.
The everlys were influenced by the louvin brothers. I was informed by don Henley at his concert
In Manchester a few years ago.

Not very nice of her. I am not surprised she has had 3 husbands.

They were Simon and Garfunkel hero’s, hence them supporting them last time they toured

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