RIP Gerry Marsden

Used to love Gerry and the Pacemakers but he’s caught his last ferry across the Mersey.
Always remember I was delivering some equipment to a studio on the Wirral . Having a coffee in the restroom and who should walk in but them, next minute we are all sat talking,great lads. They were filming something for Christmas,


So sad and quite unbelievable I was listening to some of his stuff this morning.

Just saw that, sad.


Liverpool FC posted the following which sums it up for me - his voice and lyrics will live on forever.

“Gerry’s words will live on forever with us. You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


He was is one of those artists that is hard to define for me…not got a single album, but great memories of Gerry on our Radiogram, in the day. He captured a moment in time, for me better than the Beatles…just my feeling for the time…i am a Beatles fan.

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