RIP Gino Mader

Sad to see that Gino Mader has died after crashing on the final descent of Stage 6 of the Tour de Suisse yesterday. I watched the Eurosport highlights package yesterday evening and the way Juan Ayuso went down there had me nervous but there was no mention of anyone crashing. Such a shame…


Tragic loss.

Shocking and such a sad loss.
The descriptions in the news yesterday sounded very worrying.

An awful thing to happen.


Gutted :disappointed:. RIP Gino.

It genuinely surprises me that it doesn’t happen more often when you watch the descending.


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A tragic loss. A talented rider. And yes, Ayuso was doing over 100km/h! Which is frightening.

Very sobering news and the images of the other riders when they heard illustrated how hard it hit them. Terrible accident and loss.


So very sad. RIP fella

Reminded me of that awful day in 95 when Fabio Casartelli came off his bike on the descent of the Col de Portet d’Aspet.
These were the days before compulsory wearing of helmets. Just a cotton cap!
I do agree that its incredible these fatalities are not more frequent.

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