RIP Jimmy Cobb

Somehow I missed this. Clearly I’ll be spinning Kind of Blue tonight. Understated drummer.


He was the last man standing from that great album R.I.P


Quote from the NPR obit.

“It’s impossible to overstate how much his playing, which propelled that all-star group forward with delicate washes of cymbals and brush-stroked snare, contributed to Kind of Blue ‘s undeniable bounce and feel. “Jimmy, you know what to do,” Davis told Cobb before the session. “Just make it sound like it’s floating.” And it does: The perfect tension between Cobb’s signature driving cymbal beat and Paul Chambers’ relaxed walking bassline makes most people’s first jazz album one that you can — or can’t help but — move to.

Cobb’s strength was always understatement, which meant that he didn’t necessarily get the same accolades and attention as some of his peers behind the kit. But his simplicity and intuitive feel made Cobb’s grooves a seamless part of any band’s living organism, its backbone or heartbeat.”



RIP Jimmy.
Kind of Blue will be lilting out of many speakers today, including mine.

Thanks for your music. Made planet Earth even more special.


I missed this too. Another jazz great leaves us.

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