RIP John Le Carre

Just read that he’s passed away.

Another great gone from the world.

So much of what he had to say was pertinent to today.

Rest in Peace, thanks for the decades of amusement and thoughts.


Mr SP RIP indeed, I didn’t know.

I have enjoyed his books a great deal, and I think it is a testament to his writing that they have often made excellent films or, recently, TV adaptations. Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, A Most Wanted Man, The Night Manager and The Little Drummer Girl particular favourites.

His writing was also often accompanied by serious observations of our world, and in his last few books he appeared no less angry about modern issues such as rendition etc

I think at 89 a life to be celebrated.


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I posted yesterday that my Festive reading would include the Tinker series.
Such a splendid stylist and involving story teller.
I sometimes read a paragraph several times just to try and understand how cleverly it is composed.
Sad loss.

I remember reading The Little Drummer Girl as a kid, loved that book.

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He was still writng relevant stuff up to recently. His last Smiley story in 2017 I think, and an excellent read. (A Legacy of Spies)

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An amazing writer who never ventured too far from the human qualities and morals regardless to the plot. Never came across a single boring page in any of his books which I read them all more than once.


I love the fact that his sister was in Rock Follies.

The Spy Who Came In from the Cold is a masterpiece.


Tinker, Tailor must rate as one of my favourite all time reads.

It’s portrayal of a Secret Service living in the past, was a metaphor for more current times…

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It was a sad moment when I saw this. I will reread the smiley trilogy soon… I also loved the little drummer girl and Single and Single.

It was sad, but as @BruceW said it was, at 89, a life to be celebrated.

Sorry he’s gone, glad he was here.

There’s a bit at the end of The Big Lebowski where the cowboy says (something like) ‘I can die content knowing that the Good Lord hasn’t gypped me’ which seems a little apposite here. Despite a rather challenging start I think le Carre can be confident that he wasn’t gypped in life and that he gave a lot of pleasure to millions of people he never knew.

Very true. A talent to be celebrated!

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