RIP Mariss Jansons


Very sad. I know he had heart problems for many years but shocking none the less.

I only got to see him conduct live once. It was with the Pittsburgh band at Carnegie Hall in February 2000. Berlioz, Christopher Rouse, & Dvorak…a great concert!

RIP Maestro!

Sorry to hear this. His Tchaikovsky Symphony cycle on Chandos with the Oslo PO is still my go to set.

A wonderful conductor, his recent Beethoven symphonies cycle and Schubert 9th are superb. Also I’ve enjoyed his recordings of Shostakovich, Mahler and Bruckner. A pity he didn’t record a complete Sibelius cycle. RIP he will be sadly missed.

Thats the third major conductor to die this year, the others being Andre Previn and Raymond Leppard. Jansons was in the mould of Claudio Abaddo, call me “Claudio”, in his equal partnership with orchestral players. Without naming names previous generations of conductors often had a superior approach to music making. Not the way to go these days. Recently retired Bernard Haitink is another one who saw things as equals.
From memory Jansons father/conductor Arvid had heart problems and died early as well.
I have a Chandos LP of MJ conducting Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony recorded, I think in Dublin. Worth researching out.
Agree with KJC on the merits of Janson’s Tchaikovsky cycle.

Another sad loss. RIP

I remember talking to EMI and being cross with them for not allowing Jansons to complete his Oslo Sibelius cycle. Based on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th, this might have been the cycle to rule them all.



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