RIP Mark Hollis

Just heard the very sad news that the Talk Talk head honcho has just died, aged 64. Cause unknown.

He wasn’t exactly prolific, but he produced three LPs’ worth of extraordinary music.

That’s sad news, he made some great albums, albeit nowhere near enough☹️

Just heard the news on the radio, damm, such a shame! Perhaps he’d been ill which would explain his exit from the music industry. RIP

That’s really sad. Spirit of Eden is my desert island album.

RIP Mark - you left us some great music.


No that is just terrible news. This has shocked me more than Bowie (and I’m a number one fan) and Prince.

Just wondered why no one had tried to track him down over the years. We’ve only heard him mentioned in passing recently by Rustin Man and the engineer Phill Brown.

This is so sad…RIP!

Just yesterday I thinking about Mark Hollis when The Rainbow came on out of the blue on BBC Radio 3 Private Passions. I had made a note to revisit the music. Must doublely do so now, in memory. So young.


Great artist


Extremely sad, utterly unexpected, never had the recognition he or Talk Talk deserved.

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Very sad, one of my favourite bands of the eighties :frowning:

Not REALLY recognised either with Talk Talk or subsequent solo work. I do think TT remain the most underrated band of the 80s.

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This is the worst news. I LOVE his work with Talk Talk and his solo stuff. Gutted.

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Absolutely gutted to hear this news.
Aged just 64.

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One of those days when things make little sense.

So incredibly sad.

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Very sad news - so young!

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Only came across their music recently, excellent band, very sad to hear he passed away.

This really is very sad news indeed.

An often used phrase but a true musical genius.

I saw Talk Talk at the Six of the Best (Genesis reunion) concert in 1982 at the time of their first album. They were not the right choice for that crowd but I could see they had something. They progressed with each subsequent album and peaked with Spirit of Eden, although I did not like it so much when it came out and only realised how brilliant it was many years later. Such a shame Mark could not find a way to combine both his music and family life and we will never know what new heights he could have reached. Nevertheless he has left a fine legacy without which bands like Elbow and Radiohead might not exist.

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Goodbye Mark! I’ ll keep on dreaming with your music!

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