RIP Michael Chapman

Fond memories of seeing him play many of these tracks in Bristol, around 1968.


A legend.

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A great guitarist, sad loss.

Very sad , there aren’t many of those 60’s UK troubadours left. I saw him a couple of years ago in Guildford he came over a quite frail then.

One of my favourite artists when I was a student back in the 70s. I still have all his early albums on vinyl.

Sad to hear that he has left us.


Very sad indeed. I was due to see Michael in Guildford last year with a friend who was travelling from Basel, Switzerland just for the gig. Seeing Michael play had been on my friend’s wish list for years. Sadly that won’t happen now. RIP Michael.

Pretty much Roy Harper last man standing.

It’s amazing that he’s still around. I saw him a few times at Liverpool Uni back in the late 1960s, and he was always brahms and liszt as a newt.

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Wizz Jones and Ralph McTell are still around, but that’s about it.

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RIP Michael.

Time past and time passing. Thanks for the music Michael.

Yes very sad. Saw him at Cafe Oto in London a few years ago. A Legend.

At Bristol University in 19#?. He came I’m like the 6.15 and left a hole in the wall.

I bought Millstone Grit after seeing him on the Old Grey Whistle Test, then bought more of his stuff including the excellent ambient album.

Here’s a list of the entire catalogue - from my go to site.

You need to click on ‘show all 46 albums’

Micheal was a friend of my Uncle, Keith Hird, who established and ran Fairview Studios, where the Rainmaker demos were recorded.

I’ve got some great memories of Michael and his music through his work with my Uncle throughout the 70s and beyond. I was fortunate to hear and still listen to lots of recordings and production work he did at Fairview.

There’s some great footage online of him chatting about his work with Keith and Roy Neave that was put together for the studios 50th anniversary a couple of years ago. Along with all the fascinating stuff about, amongst others, The Rats, Rick Kemp and Basil Kerchin.


That is brilliant.

Another tribute in the Grauniad from fellow much younger muso in Hiss Golden Messanger - whose latest has had a fair bit of play hereabouts

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Can you advise me which “ambient” album to try. Always been a fan of his early stuff especially Fully Qualified Survivor and missed this.